Choice Dumpling

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Choice Dumpling
Fixation Chimaki
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Choice Dumpling
Pokémon Legends: Arceus artwork
Introduced in Generation VIII
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The Choice Dumpling (Japanese: こだわりちまき Fixation Chimaki) is a type of item introduced in Generation VIII.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
LA N/A PokémonDollar.png600


Fixates a Pokémon in using its last used move. If the player attempts to use it on a Pokémon that has not used a move since it was sent out, or the move last used by the Pokémon is a status move, it will have no effect, wasting the player's turn.


Games Description
LA A dumpling that will make a Pokémon become fixated on a move in battle. The Pokémon will deal more damage when using that move but will take more damage as well.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
LA Crafting: 3 Caster Ferns, 1 Swordcap, 1 Direshroom, and 2 Hearty Grains

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 講究粽 Gónggau Jung
Mandarin 講究粽 / 讲究粽 Jiǎngjiù Zòng
France Flag.png French Papillote Choix
Germany Flag.png German Wahlreishappen
Italy Flag.png Italian Involtoscelta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 구애잎사귀떡 Guae Ipsagwi Tteok
Spain Flag.png Spanish Aperitivo Elección

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