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This article is an official guideline on Bulbapedia.

Its contents are a strong recommendation for users and administrators alike.

Bulbagarden's Values reflect and reinforce our beliefs about what this site is and what it stands for. Sharing our Values publicly is a way for us to provide more transparency and hold ourselves accountable. These Values show Bulbagarden's tradition of being a fantastic community of Pokémon fans and represent a commitment to the future where Bulbagarden continues to do so.

Bulbagarden's values are:

1) Providing fans, staff, and the wider community with a safe and inclusive place to connect with each other and discuss all things Pokémon

2) Celebrating the diversity of the Pokémon community, and supporting these communities and marginalized groups through our platform and direct action

3) Offering the community and staff a chance to impact Bulbagarden and all Pokémon fans through opportunities to contribute, grow, develop, and lead

4) Becoming "the very best, like no one ever was" — seeking to challenge ourselves, push forward, and strive to improve ourselves and our community

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