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This article is an official policy on Bulbapedia.

Its contents are strongly binding and can be considered law on Bulbapedia.

Bulbapedia has a Usertag policy, which pertains in particular to their creation.

While it is important for any fansite to allow their users a place to express themselves and let others know more about them, the Bulbapedia staff feels that there must be a standard for usertag creation. In the past, we have cracked down on laziness templates as well as integrated groups of usertags into a single, multipurpose one, such as {{User Pet}} and {{User Want}}. To reduce the amount of maintenance that Bulbapedia administrators need to do in the Template: namespace, we are now requiring that any and all new usertags are to either be created in the User: namespace, under User:(your username)/(template name) or in the case of a tag that is only to be used on one page, that the {{User Template}} template be used.

We have compiled a list of criteria usertags must meet before they will be moved to the Template: namespace.

Criteria for a Usertag to be moved into the Template namespace

  • The usertag must have at least five users using it.
  • The usertag must be deemed useful enough to be in the Template: namespace by at least two administrators.
  • Note: If an administrator creates a usertag, it does not need to meet the above criteria; administrator creation implies immediate approval.

Once a usertag has met the following criteria and is brought to the attention of an administrator(s), it may be moved to the Template: namespace.

Please note that creating usertags directly into the Template: namespace will result in the tag being moved to the User: namespace, and after multiple offenses, a short ban may occur.

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