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  • Excited for Mystery Dungeon 2, and wishing it would come out sooner than next year.. XP

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0946 0615 3165

Let me know if you add mine so I can get yours in return :)

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In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:

Spr 3e 034.png
Poison Ground
Spr 3e 375.png
Steel Psychic
Spr 3e 260.png
Water Ground
Spr 3e 157.png
Spr 3e 383.png
Spr 3e 145.png
Electric Flying
First to be Fully evolved. Always was a favorite of mine in any game. Newly attained, working on giving it as many gummis as possible, and evolving somewhere along the lines. Starter, I didn't choose mudkip I just picked whatever seemed right and he choose me :) Starter on gold [300+hrs til my sister erased it X( ] I'd always choose the fire starter. One of the Coolest legendaries IMO Just started growing on me after recruiting it.

In Pokémon Pearl:

Pokémon I Use So far (about to get my 3rd badge)

092.png 388.png 404.png 054.png 397.png 375.png 150.png 259.png
Gastly Grotle Luxio Psyduck Staravia Metang Mewtwo Marshtomp
Lvl 18 Lvl 26 Lvl 24 Lvl 21 Lvl 22 Lvl 20 Lvl 17 Lvl 23


  • A nice chart to have :)

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