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TylerGray (formerly KCorp4000) has been a fan of Pokémon since Generation I, after receiving Red Version in October 1998. He has collected more than a few games over the years, and that first-hand experience has proved particularly useful in relation to Project Walkthroughs. He has followed the anime from early Kanto through most of Hoenn, and still has a binder of old trading cards.


TylerGray joined Bulbapedia on September 17, 2008 under the name KCorp4000. His original intention was simply to correct spelling and grammar mistakes, but he soon learned of the many different projects. Everything seemed to be under control, except for Project Walkthroughs. The project needed serious help, and he set off to see it completed. After substantial effort, he applied and was appointed Project Leader in November 2010. His long-term goal is to help make Bulbapedia the one-stop shop for all Pokémon information, by bringing about complete and comprehensive walkthroughs for every applicable game.

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