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"Nicaragua, tierra de lagos y volcanes"File:Escudo.png

Hey there, I'm Eduardo Cisneros, a regular guy from Leon, Nicaragua. I play Pokémon since the first Generation, I love videogames (mostly RPG) I don't consider myself a Nintendo fanboy but I have had every console from the Big "N". I'm also into Sports and Literature, I got my wiki skills from Zelda Wiki's site (my fav saga) so, I know the text is all mess up but sure thing I'll edit this space shortly, so you have the links, the info, and I'm at your service =)

You can catch me up here
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Since I don't have that much to say right now, I'll post my ideal (put category here) party:

My ideal I Generation Party

Spr 3r 101.png Spr 3r 135.png Spr 3r 065.png Spr 3r 142.png Spr 3f 149.png Spr 3f 094.png
Electrode Jolteon Alakazam Aerodactyl Dragonite Gengar

--Evanicafan 21:13, 30 October 2009 (UTC)