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Shield Dust (Ability)

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Shield Dust りんぷん
Moth Scales
Flavor text
Generation III
Prevents added effects.
Generation IV
Blocks the added effects of attacks taken.
Generation V
Blocks the added effects of attacks taken.
Generation VI
Blocks the additional effects of attacks taken.

Shield Dust (Japanese: りんぷん Moth Scales) is an Ability introduced in Generation III. Seven Pokémon can have this Ability, all of which are Bug types.


In battle

When the Pokémon is damaged by an attack, any additional effects are negated (similar to the attacker having Sheer Force, but without increasing damage). For example, Body Slam would only deal damage and not have its usual 30% chance of causing Paralysis. It does not stop moves that do not cause damage, like Thunder Wave.

Outside of battle

Shield Dust has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Shield Dust

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
Caterpie Caterpie Bug Bug Shield Dust None Run Away
Weedle Weedle Bug Poison Shield Dust None Run Away
Venomoth Venomoth Bug Poison Shield Dust Tinted Lens Wonder Skin
Wurmple Wurmple Bug Bug Shield Dust None Run Away
Dustox Dustox Bug Poison Shield Dust None Compound Eyes
Scatterbug Scatterbug Bug Bug Shield Dust Compound Eyes Friend Guard
Vivillon Vivillon Bug Flying Shield Dust Compound Eyes Friend Guard
Please note that this is only 100% accurate to Generation VI games.
  • For Generation III games, ignore Abilities introduced in Generation IV and Hidden Abilities.
  • For Generation IV games, ignore Hidden Abilities.
  • For Generation V games, ignore Abilities introduced in Generation VI.


  • Shield Dust essentially prevents the Pokémon from being frozen in battle by any Pokémon (except those with Mold Breaker or one of its variants), as the Freeze status ailment is always caused as a secondary effect of an opponent's move, and the status cannot be passed to another Pokémon via Baton Pass or Synchronize.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 鱗粉 Línfěn
France Flag.png French Écran Poudre
Germany Flag.png German Puderabwehr
Italy Flag.png Italian Polvoscudo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 인분 Inbun
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Escudo de Poeira
Spain Flag.png Spanish Polvo Escudo

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