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This article is about the fan website. For the ancient civilization in the anime, see Pokémopolis.
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"Not Dirty, Just Dodgy!"
Pokemopolis logo.png
Language English
Status Active
Run 2003 - Present
Date opened 1999
Creator Dodgemaster Brandon
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum Pokemopolis forum
Mascot Koffing
Website Main Page

Pokemopolis, or previously, Pokémon, Pokémon, is a fan site maintained by Dodgemaster Tim and Dodgemaster Lex, and originally Dodgemaster Brandon as well. It is popular for being one of the few openly satirical Pokémon fansites that is able to maintain a wide degree of popularity, having reached its 400,000th hit.

The site is dedicated to the proposition that "Pokémon is NOT a children's cartoon." It is well known for its detailed and humorous anime episode guides, contests, anti-RocketShipping stance, dislike of Ritchie and Todd Snap, and its promotion of Koffing.

Generally speaking, most of the humor is innuendo and parody that might not be suitable for very young children; the site is geared more towards teenage and adult fans. Their slogan is "Not Dirty, Just Dodgy!".

In 13 April, 2014, it was announced that the forums would be closing at the end of said month, with the website closing down completely between October and November of 2015.


Pokemopolis was originally a generic Pokémon fansite run by Dodgemaster Brandon. Pageviews remained low when it was a generic site and Dodgemaster Brandon turned the site over to Dodgemaster Tim and Dodgemaster Lex, two friends who were introduced to Pokémon by Brandon. They began to pick up on alleged innuendo present in the anime, they decided to change the format of the site to one that explored the "dodgyness" and other camp elements of the show. As a result the modern incarnation of Pokemopolis was born.

Over time pageviews and popularity increased. In mid- to late- 2003, the number of active forum users rivaled those of much more well-known Pokémon websites.[citation needed] The number of people visiting the forums has since decreased but it still remains an active fan site.


The site contains many links, including fanworks, anti-RocketShipping claims, quizzes, contests, and even a forum.

Pokemopolis Main

The Main Page, Intro, Updates, Censor message, Awards, and Links to other sites are contained here.


Under this section, the Episode Guide, Movies, Characters, Movie Casting, Voices, and a page all about Owen Wilson are kept. The episode guide contains all the seasons up to Battle Frontier, which holds 10 of the episodes, and also all the recent Sinnoh League Victors episodes. The titles usually consist of dodgy material with the correct English title underneath. Each episode has a parody Japanese title, a dodgyness rating, an animation rating, 'Team Rocketness', the story, a dodgy synopsis, and a, usually funny, 'moral learnt' section.


The fanworks, including fanart, fanfics, and a top ten list, are all kept here in a neat package. Fanfics there have to meet the requirements of being dodgy, being rated no higher than PG-13, and keeping it of 'reasonable length'.


The Pokémon section contains a longer list of things from the Pokémon anime. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Team Rocket
Tracey vs. Brock
Toys of the Devil
International Editions

The Koffing page is dedicated the James's Koffing and is very Anti-Weezing. The jailbait page hoards many reasons why all the girls of Pokémon are to be considered jailbait, especially May. The Japan page tells all the reasons why Dodgemasters Tim and Lex think Japan is awesome. Tracey vs. Brock is all about who is the better man of the show in their own opinions (of whom Brock wins); this also contains a Misty vs. May section (of whom May wins).


The interactive section has Contests, Personality Tests, an advice column featuring Ash's Pikachu, Horoscopes, a French Lesson that contains funny and unusual phrases, and, lastly, polls.


This section contains Biographies on the owners, as well as a Photo Gallery. The third link, Armageddon, shows photos and a summary of the Dodgemasters' trip to the Armageddon Pop Culture Convention 2001.


Main article: Pokemopolis forum

The forums are a feature that pops-up in a new window. As of February 27th, they have 475 members.


There have been three staff members present at Pokemopolis.

Dodgemaster Brandon

Dodgemaster Brandon was the original creator of the site back when it was still Pokémon, Pokémon. Once the site was moved, however, he did not stay and run the site any longer. Currently, after a prolonged absence, he mostly browses the forums.

Dodgemaster Tim

Dodgemaster Tim was one of the two people who took over the site from Dodgemaster Brandon. After picking up the innuendo in the show, he and Dodgemaster Lex changed the format of the site into one that focuses the anime's dodgyness. Tim writes the episode guides, provides fanart, and keeps regular communication with the core group of fans who frequent the forums of the site.

Dodgemaster Lex

Dodgemaster Lex was the other person who took over the site from Dodgemaster Brandon. She works mostly on the site's contests and maintains much of the website's code.


  • The site is known for its over the top descriptions of characters. Notable examples include Ash being outrageously stupid, Fantina being a transvestite, Bianca being Barry in disguise, and Nando being a drug dealer.

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