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Pokémon Card Fan Club

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(Japanese: ポケモンカード ファンクラブ Pokémon Card Fan Club) is the name of a magazine published by Media Factory from 1997-1998. An official fan book for the TCG, the magazines included information on tournaments, card strategies, biographies of TCG illustrators, checklists, and the like. They also include original illustrations by Kagemaru Himeno. Five total volumes were published of the magazine.

List of volumes

Cover artwork Volume number Publication date
Pokémon Card Fan Club vol 1.png 1 June 5, 1997
Pokemon Card Fan Club vol 2.png 2 September 5, 1997
None.png 3 November 18, 1997
None.png 4 February 28, 1998
None.png 5 June 10, 1998

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