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Suddenly Suicune II/VS. Suicune (Part II)
VS. Suikun (Part II)
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 11
Round number 131
Location Tin Tower
Previous Round Suddenly Suicune I
Next Round Suddenly Suicune III

Suddenly Suicune II/VS. Suicune (Part II)) (Japanese: VSスイクンII VS. Suikun (Part II) is the 131st round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Suicune is sucked into the Heavy Ball. Crystal thinks that she has caught Suicune, but then it breaks the Heavy Ball, releasing itself. Crystal says that the reason that she used the Heavy Ball was Suicune's weight*. Suicune jumps up onto a floor of the Tin Tower. She sends Archy and Bonee after it. Bonee uses False Swipe. This appears to be blocked by Suicune's tails. Crystal yells encouragement to Bonee before finding that there is a translucent wall between Suicune and Bonee and above her. Eusine (through the doll he gave her) informs her that Suicune is creating the Crystal Wall. He says that he is coming to her by following the doll's signal and that she needs to stop Suicune from completing the Crystal Wall. Crystal then sees that the Crystal Wall is almost complete. She helps Bonee stop the Wall with its bone. If Suicune completes the Crystal Wall, they will be blocked and Suicune will surely flee. However, they can pass through the Crystal Wall with the Clear Bell that Eusine stole from the Team Rocket Elite Trio. He deduces that they knew about the Clear Bell's effects. As Eusine nears the Tin Tower, the Crystal Wall is completed, splintering Bonee's bone. The fragments break Eusine's doll, Crystal's Pokégear, and make one of Crystal's earrings fall off. Eusine is horrified to see Crystal fall off of the Tin Tower. Meanwhile, a huge shining bird-like Pokémon flies by a rainbow above the clouds.

Major events

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