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Suddenly Suicune III/VS. Suicune (Part III)
VS. Suikun (Part III)
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 11
Round number 132
Location Tin Tower
Previous Round Suddenly Suicune II
Next Round Absolutely Azumarill

Suddenly Suicune III/VS. Suicune (Part III) (Japanese: VSスイクンIII VS. Suikun (Part III)) is the 132nd round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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This round begins with Eusine carrying a broken Crystal into Tin Tower, and bypasses the crystal wall using the Clear Bell. He reveals that Tin Tower was destroyed by Team Rocket in order to lure Ho-Oh out, as the Tin Tower is its shrine. Ho-Oh's shrine glows, and Eusine leaves on his Jumpluff to find Suicune. Crys starts crying, having misunderstood Suicune., and raises her spirits by attempting to catch a Psyduck. Elsewhere, the Masked Man orders Sham and Carl to attack the Gym Leaders. Still, Crys is seen missing the Psyduck over and over, having lost her skill.

Major events

  • Crystal fails to capture Suicune, making it her first failed capture.
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