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Delibird Delivery - 1/VS. Delibird (Part I)
VS. Delibird I
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 9
Round number 113
Location Lake of Rage
Previous Round Raise the Red Gyarados
Next Round Delibird Delivery - 2

Delibird Delivery - 1 or VS. Delibird (Japanese: VSデリバードI VS. Delibird I) is the 113th round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Gold immediately has his Polibo use DynamicPunch, but Polibo's hand is Frozen. Then Gold charges forward, but Silver pushes him backward and has his Kingdra use Twister so that Gold can see the ice spikes that were hidden by the mist. Then Professor Elm calls on Gold's Pokégear. He tells Gold that evidence says that... the Masked Man is a Gym Leader, and to not fight the Masked Man! But Gold is in the middle of doing exactly that.

The Masked Man's Delibird uses Blizzard, creating more ice spikes. The Masked Man says that Silver can't run away from him "like last time". Silver and his Sneasel seem aggravated. Sneasel then uses Icy Wind. Delibird feints at Gold, then punches Silver in the face. The Masked Man steps on Silver's hand to hold him where he is. Gold finds out that the Masked Man kidnapped kids 9 years ago. One of them was Silver.

Silver prepares to send out a Pokémon but the Masked Man tells Silver that if he does that, he'll kill Gold. His Delibird's arm is frozen to make an ice spear. The Masked Man tells Silver that he's gone weak. Gold knows the truth and tells the Masked Man that Silver is strong. Gold's seen Silver's strength many times. Then Exbo throws Delibird off its feet. Silver and Sneasel get a bit farther away from the Masked Man. The Masked Man sends out his Houndour and his Ariados.

Major events

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  • Silver's Kingdra was mistakenly referred to as Kingora in Chuang Yi translation.
  • When Gold and Silver's Exbo and Sneasel, respectively, Sneasel is called Politaro in the Chuang Yi.
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