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Madeleine with her Shroomish

Madeleine is a character of the day who appeared in Clamperl of Wisdom who lives on Maisie Island. She did not have a name in the original version.

While walking with her Pokémon, a Spoink puts her Shroomish on its head psychically. May returns her Shroomish to her with apologies, and the two promptly run away. While walking at the shore, Madeleine and her friend encounter the Spoink again and hold their Pokémon away from it, afraid of what has happened before and see its blue pearl get switched with a pink one. When Ash and his friends see the two kids, they explain what they saw to the group.


Madeleine's Shroomish
Shroomish is one of the Pokémon that Spoink mistakes for a Pearl while it was looking for it. The group returns Shroomish to the original Trainer, Madeleine, after mentioning to Spoink that Shroomish was not a Pearl.

None of Shroomish's moves are known.

Debut Clamperl of Wisdom

Voice actresses

Language Voice actor
English Amy Birnbaum


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