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Gray (anime)

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Grey (Japanese: グレー Grey) is a character of the day who appeared in To Find a Fairy Flower!. He lives in Calanthe Town.

Grey lived together with his wife Florence and their Flabébé in peace when one day Florence fell ill while she was watering the flowers in their garden. She was quickly taken to the Calanthe Town hospital by ambulance. This saddened Flabébé, who had always enjoyed the company of Florence, and she left Grey while he was asleep to search for her. When he woke up, he was shocked to see Flabébé was gone, but he had a hunch where she was. He quickly went to the hospital and there he found Flabébé in front of the window of the room Florence was hospitalized. When a strong gust struck however, Flabébé was blown away. She lost her flower, which was subsequently run over by a car, destroyed. The gust blew Flabébé further away, and Grey was unable to get her back. Since then, he looked for Flabébé everywhere, but could not find her. Flabébé's disappearance greatly saddened Florence, who went in a state of emotional despair even though she was recovered from her illness. Grey also worried about Flabébé's wellbeing, as her flower was destroyed and she would not survive without a new one.

Some time later, when Grey was walking down the street, he suddenly noticed Flabébé sitting on top of Bonnie's head. He quickly ran towards her and hugged her, happy to have finally found Flabébé back. Ash and his friends had found Flabébé earlier and had concluded she had a Trainer already. When Grey came to them, they realized he was her Trainer. They introduced themselves, and Grey thanked them for taking care of Flabébé. Grey then asked Flabébé to come home, but she hesitated as she had taken a likening to Bonnie. Clemont asked Grey why Flabébé did not have a flower of her own, to which Grey explained to the group what happened before. After this, the group proposed to get a new flower for Flabébé, but Grey told them it is not a normal flower available in flower stores, but instead a special flower called the "Fairy Flower", that only grows in a certain area. Ash and his friends then decided to go look for this special flower and bring it to the hospital Florence was staying. They advised Grey to keep Florence company in the meantime.

Later, just as Grey was assuring Florence Ash and his friends would bring the Fairy Flower soon, they entered the room Florence was staying in. They had successfully found a Fairy Flower, and Flabébé had attached herself to it. Flabébé was now happily reunited with Florence, and she suddenly felt a lot better.


Grey's Flabébé
Flabébé is a Pokémon that lives with Grey and Florence. Grey is her official Trainer. She is of the Red Flower variety.

Flabébé was living in peace with Grey and Florence when Florence suddenly fell ill while she was watering the flowers in her garden. She was quickly hospitalized, but this greatly saddened Flabébé who missed the company of Florence. She left Grey while he was sleeping to go look for Florence, and found her at the hospital she was staying in. Grey went to look for Flabébé and just as he found her at the hospital, a strong gust came up and blew Flabébé away. She lost her flower, which was subsequently run over by a car, destroyed. The gust blew Flabébé further away, and Grey unsuccessfully tried to get her back. Flabébé's disappearance caused Florence to get into a state of emotional despair, even though she had recovered from her illness. Moreover, Grey worried about Flabébé's well-being as she would not be able to survive without her flower.

Flabébé was blown all the way out of town into the meadows. She landed on Bonnie's head, who was wearing a flower ornament similar to Flabébé's flower. Bonnie immediately took a likening to Flabébé, but Flabébé herself looked rather sad. The group fed her some nectar, and afterwards Bonnie asked Clemont to catch her for her. Clemont was unable to do so however, to which Ash concluded Flabébé already had a Trainer. The group decided to go to the nearest Pokémon Center to ask Nurse Joy about Flabébé's Trainer. On their way however, Grey came running towards them, having spotted Flabébé on Bonnie's head. Grey introduced himself to the group and asked Flabébé to come with him. She was hesitant at first, as she had taken a likening to Bonnie. Grey then told the group what had happened earlier and how he had lost Flabébé.

Without her flower, Flabébé would not be able to survive. And not just a flower, Flabébé needed to get a new "Fairy flower", which is not sold in flower stores but instead grows only in certain areas. Ash and his friends promised Grey to go look for a new Fairy flower. They first took Flabébé to the Pokémon Center to heal. Later, up in the hills, Ash and his friends found said Fairy flower up on a mountain cliff. They could not just pluck it, Flabébé would need to attach herself to the flower while it was unplucked. As such, Bonnie decided to climb up the cliff with Flabébé. She managed to reach the flower, but just as Flabébé attached herself to it, Team Rocket attacked the group and stole Pikachu. As she was watching on, Flabébé decided to involve herself and used Aromatherapy. This relaxed Team Rocket, and they lost the will to fight any further.

After this, the group hurried to the hospital Florence was staying, and Flabébé was reunited with Florence. This made Florence so happy that she felt like she would recover very soon. This meant Bonnie and Flabébé had to part however, and Flabébé came to Bonnie once more. Bonnie thanked Flabébé for the time they spent together, and she said farewell, hoping Flabébé would continue have a good life with Grey and Florence.

Flabébé's only known move is Aromatherapy.

Debut To Find a Fairy Flower!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 最上嗣生 Tsuguo Mogami

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