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Eclo Canyon

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Eclo Canyon (Japanese: エクロ峡谷 Eclo Canyon) is a location in Orre, first appearing in Pokémon Colosseum. It is in the northeast of the region, just east of Mt. Battle.

It is first mentioned in Colosseum as the location of Team Snagem's hideout during a news broadcast at the start of the game. The canyon is apparently very concealing as the hideout was only found as a result of much of it being destroyed in the explosion triggered by Wes. Several members of the team were found hiding out in the canyon once the police found the hideout.

In Pokémon XD, the canyon is still home to the Snagem Hideout, and is also not far from the Cipher Key Lair. Two travelers in the Outskirt Stand mention jogging out to Eclo Canyon and feeling like people were there, despite the canyon being officially declared abandoned.

Despite being a named location, Eclo Canyon is never actually visited as a stand-alone area in any game it appears in. The only times the player can visit is when going to the Snagem Hideout.

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