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Ace Spec card (TCG)

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Crystal Wall Ace Spec card

Ace Spec cards (Japanese: ACE SPEC Ace Spec) are a classification of trading cards that were introduced in the Boundaries Crossed expansion.

An Ace Spec card is a very powerful Item card that has a special drawback. There can only be one Ace Spec card in a deck. There are currently 13 Ace Spec cards.

List of Ace Spec cards

English cards

Card Rarity Expansion Card no.
Computer Search Rare Holo Boundaries Crossed 137/149
Crystal Edge Rare Holo Boundaries Crossed 138/149
Crystal Wall Rare Holo Boundaries Crossed 139/149
Gold Potion Rare Holo Boundaries Crossed 140/149
Dowsing Machine Rare Holo Plasma Storm 128/135
Scramble Switch Rare Holo Plasma Storm 129/135
Victory Piece Rare Holo Plasma Storm 130/135
Life Dew Rare Holo Plasma Freeze 107/116
Rock Guard Rare Holo Plasma Freeze 108/116
G Booster Rare Holo Plasma Blast 92/101
G Scope Rare Holo Plasma Blast 93/101
Master Ball Rare Holo Plasma Blast 94/101
Scoop Up Cyclone Rare Holo Plasma Blast 95/101

Japanese cards

Card Rarity Expansion Card no.
Gold Potion Rare Holo Freeze Bolt 058/059
Crystal Wall Rare Holo Freeze Bolt 059/059
Computer Search Rare Holo Cold Flare 058/059
Crystal Edge Rare Holo Cold Flare 059/059
Scramble Switch Rare Holo Plasma Gale 068/070
Dowsing Machine Rare Holo Plasma Gale 069/070
Victory Piece Rare Holo Plasma Gale 070/070
Rock Guard Rare Holo Spiral Force 050/051
Life Dew Rare Holo Thunder Knuckle 050/051
Scoop Up Cyclone Rare Holo Megalo Cannon 073/076
G Scope Rare Holo Megalo Cannon 074/076
G Booster Rare Holo Megalo Cannon 075/076
Master Ball - Blastoise + Kyurem-EX Combo Deck 017/018

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