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Energy card (TCG)

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Energy cards (Japanese: エネルギー Enerugī) are the cards that power Pokémon attacks in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Without the required Energy cards attached, a Pokémon cannot use these attacks. Energy cards come in Basic and Special forms.

Basic Energy cards

Basic Energy cards (基本エネルギー Kihon'Enerugī) are defined as nine Energy cards that share their printed type with a Pokémon. They are the only cards that players are allowed to have more than four of in their decks, aside from Arceus. Basic Energy cards always provide one of their printed type of Energy or one Colorless Energy (しょくエネルギー Mushoku Enerugī). There is no basic Energy card that provides only a single Colorless Energy, as it would be entirely outclassed by any of the other types.

Name Provides
Fighting Energy (とうエネルギー Tō Enerugī) Fighting or Colorless
Fire Energy (ほのおエネルギー Honō Enerugī "Flame Energy") Fire or Colorless
Grass Energy (くさエネルギー Kusa Enerugī) Grass or Colorless
Lightning Energy (かみなりエネルギー Kaminari Enerugī "Thunder Energy") Lightning or Colorless
Psychic Energy (ちょうエネルギー Chō Enerugī "Super Energy"[1]) Psychic or Colorless
Water Energy (みずエネルギー Mizu Enerugī) Water or Colorless
Darkness Energy (あくエネルギー Aku Enerugī "Evil Energy") Darkness or Colorless
Metal Energy (はがねエネルギー Hagane Enerugī "Steel Energy") Metal or Colorless
Fairy Energy (フェアリーエネルギー Fearīenerugī) Fairy or Colorless

Special Energy cards

Special Energy cards (Japanese: とくしゅエネルギー Tokushu Enerugī) are cards that provide more than one Energy of a specific type and/or have an additional effect besides providing Energy. Some may heal the Pokémon they're attached to, add damage to their attacks, or may even provide several different types of Energy at once. A majority of them provide only Colorless Energy; however, there are several which provide one or more of any type of Basic Energy.

For a full list of these, please see List of Special Energy cards.


  1. ちょう ("super") here is short for 超能力 ("psychic", literally "super ability")

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