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Leona (Japanese: ユモミ Yumomi) is the character of the day of the anime that appeared in Hot Springing a Leak!.

Dawn and Leona as children

Leona is a childhood friend of Dawn and Kenny, and she also sometimes calls Dawn Dee Dee (Japanese: ピカリ Pikari). She lives near a hot spring with her parents and takes care of three Swinub.

In Hot Springing a Leak!, she had the water from her hot spring stolen by someone. She later found out that it had been Team Rocket siphoning the water from her hot spring's main pipe. They were planning to use her hot spring water to start their own. Later, she and Dawn defeated Team Rocket and returned the water to her own hot spring.

When she parted ways from Dawn, Ash, and Brock, she told them that she would go and battle in Sinnoh's Gyms. It is unknown if she yet has any Badges.

She reappeared in a flashback in Yes, in Dee Dee It's Dawn! along with Kenny where the reason for Dawn's nickname was revealed.


This listing is of Leona's known Pokémon:

Swinub (×3)
Swinub (×3)
Not much is known about Leona's Swinub except that they help her with her hot spring.

Two of the Swinub's only move is Dig.

In addition to Dig, one Swinub also knows Tackle, Ice Shard, and Blizzard.

Debut Hot Springing a Leak!
Voice actors
Japanese Chie Sato
English Kayzie Rogers

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 渡辺明乃 Akeno Watanabe
English Evelyn Lanto (DP063)
Sarah Natochenny (DP161)
Czech Klára Šumanová
Finnish Viivi Tamminen (DP063)
Jenni Sivonen (DP161)
Norwegian Hanne Dancke Arnesen (DP063)
Anine Kruse (DP161)
Polish Justyna Bojczuk
Portuguese Brazil Priscila Ferreira
Portugal Rute Pimenta
European Spanish Olga Velasco
Pilar Martín (child; DP161)


  • Leona has a similar character design to that of Kenny, having similar hairstyles, clothes, and also being Dawn's childhood friend. Both also call Dawn "Dee Dee" sometimes.
  • Leona has a similarity to Peggy in Spring Fever because she has three Swinub in her possession and she runs a hot spring. The only slight difference is that Peggy was still building her own hot spring with her father.
  • Dawn, who is notably Leona's best friend, would later go on to capture her own Swinub; the only Pokémon Leona has.
  • Leona's Japanese name comes from 湯もみ Yumomi, a traditional method of cooling down hot spring water using wooden paddles.

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