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273Seedot.png This is an official Bulbapedia policy. In a nutshell:
Pick a clean, clear username. You can't usually change it after you've created your account, so pick wisely.

Bulbapedia's username policy is the set of rules by which usernames must abide. Failure to abide by these rules will result in a ban.

Restrictions on usernames

Obscenity and insults

Any obscene words in a username are grounds for an immediate block. It's clearly not necessary to go into exactly what words are block-worthy, but if you wouldn't in good conscience say it to a 10-year-old, don't include it here. If there's any doubt, during registration, that your username could be obscene in any way, shape, or form, simply don't use it; choose another. Usernames that insult users, websites, or other institutions will also be banned.

Confusing usernames

If you by design choose a name that is deliberately very similar to a current Bulbapedia contributor, a feature of the software, or anything else that could cause confusion, it is grounds for a permanent blocking or forced change of the username. Names such as "Administrator", "sysop", "bot", etc. are not tolerated; nor would be M0ZZ (zero instead of o) or "Archa1c." (one instead of i). If someone is using what you consider your username, add a number at the end or some other form of distinction.

Using exact Pokémon names, or a deliberately similar name, is also grounds for a permanent block. This rule grandfathers in those that had used an exact or similarly spelled Pokémon name before the name was added to the blacklist. Using numbers, or other forms of distinctions, are allowed, granted that it does not look exactly like the Pokémon name. For example, Bulbasaur123 is okay but BuIbasaur (with a capital i) is not.


Creating a username that is a clear impersonation of a celebrity or notable corporation is unacceptable. Names such as "George Bush," "Enron Corporation," etc. are not tolerated and will be blocked on sight.

Relation to Bulbagarden

If your username or IP is banned on Bulbagarden Forums, you will be banned from Bulbapedia upon registration. Since Bulbapedia and Bulbagarden Forums are under the same umbrella entity, this is the only logical course of action for the Bulbapedia staff; no double-standard will be permitted between branches of the Bulbagarden website. Appeals based on this circumstance will be forwarded directly to the Bulbagarden forum administrators; Bulbapedia simply follows the ban-list of Bulbagarden Forums and is not responsible for enforcing this rule.

Changing usernames

Changing usernames can only be performed by an Editorial Board member. Changing usernames is discouraged, as it drains server resources. A valid reason must be provided. Repeated name changes are not allowed.

Due to technical issues with the function we use to rename users, we will not be fulfilling user rename requests until further notice.

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