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Hi, I am TrvpQveen, aka Deleca7755 and not this terrible username I decided to use.

I make edits here when I see something I can edit. I love wiki editing and shockingly, I'm a fan of Pokemon. I like all Generations and I like a lotta Pokemon. I've played many of the games but am too lazy to put a usertag for every single one.

Here are some of my favorite Pokemon ( that have BW sprites )

Spr 5b 037.pngSpr 5b 038.pngSpr 5b 039.pngSpr 5b 172.pngSpr 5b 194 f.pngSpr 5b 222.pngSpr 5b 251.pngSpr 5b 273.pngSpr 5b 301.pngSpr 5b 311.pngSpr 5b 327.pngSpr 5b 334 s.pngSpr 5b 355.pngSpr 5b 385.pngSpr 5b 407 f.pngSpr 5b 421S.pngSpr 5b 469.pngSpr 5b 479O.pngSpr 5b 531.pngSpr 5b 541.pngSpr 5b 573.pngSpr 5b 584.pngSpr 5b 587.pngSpr 5b 625.png