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Below are a list of my Pokémon teams from all the core series games I own.

Blue (Cartridge): Will add one day.

Blue (Virtual Console): 009022028071038135

Yellow (Virtual Console): 025057003006009143

Silver (Cartridge): Will add one day.

Silver (Virtual Console): 160169181182126196

Crystal (Virtual Console): 157018199210125221

Ruby: 254297277310323319

LeafGreen: Will add when I have a complete playthrough.

Emerald: Will add when I have a complete playthrough.

Diamond: 389392419430461

Pearl: 395260384009146150

Platinum: 395405407468229473

SoulSilver: 160467470373466289

White: 503521523589609612

White 2: 497466530555330516

X: 658663003701448M706

Y: 658006MX673681695330

Omega Ruby: 260376M*275310323330

Alpha Sapphire: 257M254295184334344

Sun: 724658A735105A362M330

Ultra Sun: 724727026A746448M784