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<Mainspace candidate TBD...>

But, in the meantime, these pages below are (not to put too fine a point on it) kind of dumb. They should be turned into redirects or disambiguation pages.

  • Bed
  • Carpet
  • Chair (also has up to Gen VI...)
  • Cushion (also has up to Gen VI...)
  • Desk (also has up to Gen VI...)
  • Game system (it's not even named correctly; it's "Game console" in GSC (or at least Crystal certainly))
  • Mat (also has up to Gen VI...)
  • Ornament (also has Gen V...sort of)
  • Plant (also has up to Gen VI...)
  • Poster (has an anime section...which is probably not really worth much, if anything)

And, the rest in Category:Decorations...

I suppose the Pokémon doll page is fine as is (more or less?).