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A fake regin.

A fake game

Played on DS.

Game Called Pokemon H2o.

The Agori regin is a far off island where fishing is the main way of catching pokemon.

Surfing is a main way of transportation.

Once you get the national Dex you can travel to the Sevii islands.

Your house is located on an island east of the main island. Matan Island

Professor Poplar is the new professor.

She gives you one of the three starters when you need to travel to another island, Blue Island, which is a few miles north of yours. You Must go there to receve a speacial chip to create a new kind of Pokenav, The Pokenav XL. She Also gives you the NE pass, Allowing you to travel to the three eastern Islands, Matan Island, Blue island, and Catch island, a small island that only has a pokemon center, 2 houses, and a great fishing spot.

The starters are Roota (grass), Lighnor (fire), and Spheano (water).

The main Island is Agori Island. It has five citys on it. Age City, Dusty Town, Poplar City, Treks Town and Surf town. It a tribe of Natives at the south end.

The other islands are Sinn Island, Kann Island, Joth Island, Hoon Island, Ishi Island, and Volcano Island.

The evil team is Team Drain. Their leader is named Alice. Alice has a child. If your a boy, she has a Daughter named Chloe. If your a Girl she has a son named Tyler.

The Gym leaders are: Rocky who owns rock types, Paul with fire, Miah and water, Corey with grass, Nate and Dark, Tyson with Flying, Kim with Bug and Jenny with Dragon.

Other pokemon will be announced soon.