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Better known as Omega Toad now

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Who am I? Omega Toad, or here I use my old and somewhat cheesy name SupaToad64. I'm the snarky WikiBound admin who blocks a lot of vandals. I'm also on SmashWiki as a speedy rollbacker who reports the most users, and have a Super Mario Wiki account I use even less than this one.

I also really like Litten a lot, he's my favorite Pokémon, though I don't like his final evo much. A nickname I sometimes go by is Shiny Litten, I really like his shiny coloration because it looks really festive. Litten is really special to me ever since I had to give away my cat in real life, I consider him like a pet rather than a fighting machine.

Bio stuff

I'm somewhat new to Pokémon and know next to nothing about basically everything that isn't glitches, so I only edit here on random occasions. The main reason I started playing Pokemon was because I heard it's similar to EarthBound (if you haven't played the EarthBound games I suggest you give it a shot, you won't regret it).

Psychic is my favorite type because, well... I bet you already can guess why. I also have a liking for the water and dragon types, especially the former.

Litten is the best starter, and as I said above, my all time favorite Pokémon. Cats are my favorite animal, in fact, Mew used to be my favorite Pokémon for this very reason. Game Freak doesn't want to admit he is a cat, but he still looks like one, more so than any other Pokémon that are supposed to be cats. I like most cat-like Pokémon, though I don't really like Meowth due to his anthropomorphic, humanoid appearance. And also Purrloin is weird, because her anatomy doesn't look right with her being bipedal.

I like exploiting the glitches in the old generations so that's where my focus has been. I wrote how you can obtain all the possible obtainable Pokemon using the coin case with box names.

Finally on April fools I discovered the legendary bootleg known as Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal. WHAT DON'T STARE ME ALWAYS

Other wikis

I'm much more active on WikiBound and SmashWiki. I check there on a daily basis so if you want to see major contributions from me, you can go there (especially on WikiBound). Also due to my inactivity here, if you wish to contact my I recommend you do it there instead of here since I may be unresponsive.


  • I only played and own the VC Gen 1 and 2 games, I recently played Ultra Moon which started my liking for Litten. I do intend to expand my collection and maybe try Gen 3 and 4.
  • When I first played Pokemon Yellow (the first game I ever played) I got stuck in Cerulean City for 3 hours. After beating Misty she said "PKMN up to level 30 will obey" and "You can use Cut" so I thought I'm supposed to train my Ivysaur to level 30 for him to learn cut so I can open the path out. Because it was taking forever I gave up and looked up a walkthrough of Cerulean to find out how to leave... and guess what: that's how I discovered Bulbapedia :p.
  • In Ultra Moon I battle tree grinded for rare candies to set my Torracat to level 100, so that he never evolves.