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GSDS. GS stands for Gold and Silver, and DS, obviously, stands for Nintendo DS.

Supporting Past

Since they made remakes of the original Red and Green, many fans suspect that there will be remakes of the second games as well. There have been many hints in the games of a Gold and Silver Remake:

New Pokémon

Evolutions and Prevolutions of 1st and 2nd Gen Pokémon:

# Sprite Name
424 424MS.png Ambipom
429 429MS.png Mismagius
430 430MS.png Honchkrow
438 438MS.png Bonsly
440 440MS.png Happiny
458 458MS.png Mantyke
461 461MS.png Weavile
462 462MS.png Magnezone
463 463MS.png Lickilicky
464 464MS.png Rhyperior
465 465MS.png Tangrowth
466 466MS.png Electivire
467 467MS.png Magmortar
468 468MS.png Togekiss
469 469MS.png Yanmega
470 470MS.png Leafeon
471 471MS.png Glaceon
472 472MS.png Gliscor
473 473MS.png Mamoswine
474 474MS.png Porygon-Z


This user was an early supporter of remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver.

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