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Code Lyoko, Season Five. 2012. It's confirmed.

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(Sadly there seems to be no milestone tag for number two.)

Steph is known to value her prudence, and, knowing that one is not meant to make excessive edits to one's userspace on Bulbapedia, refrained from making herself a userpage until she reached thirty edits. However, she eventually raised her expectations, permitting herself a userpage only when she was worthy enough (this being characterized as when she received an award, such as above). Being that she now is worthy enough, she has decided to give herself a userpage.

Steph is skilled at talking in third-person, (possibly derived from contributing experiences) and it gives some confidence to speak of herself in this manner. Steph initially came to edit the Biology (particularly Physiology) sections of the Pokémon species pages, since they were found as lacking (Vigoroth being one of them) in detail. However, for a short time they were locked, so she subsisted on adding a few episode synopsises. When the species articles were unlocked, she started working on the species pages. She has since added proper details to many of the Biology sections, fixing spelling, grammar, and punctuation (it's means it is, never confuse it with its) errors and removing statements with unclear sources (Starly's Behavior information, for example, sounded as if procured from an article on starlings.).

Although adding information for the species articles is her vocation, the species articles are mostly complete in that area now and as such she has delved into other areas. As an avid reader and collector of Pokémon anime novelizations, she helped with adding details and links to books, creating much of the articles (and synopsises--as they were short, they were fairly easy to make synopsises for) for the Pokémon Reader series. When a new template was made by Turtwig A and Zesty Cactus, she helped implement the template to the other books. Steph has also helped Turtwig A with the mainspaceable userspace articles of their possession, eventually finding them worthy enough to be mainspace articles.

Steph has added descriptive information for moves and has checked their individual descriptions for errors in spelling and grammar, making the anime template and formatting for X-Scissor the standard. Steph has also added some characters-of-the-day and locations, adding a category for the location pages that are lacking in pictures.

She insists on making at least three edits every day, and thus is quite happy to accept projects that she is able to do and that would keep her contributions up. As of late, her daily contributions have been lagging, which is due to the "HG/SS Server Overload" event making it at first impossible for all but a few users to edit, and then merely difficult due to common 504's. With the 504's slowly becoming less common as the new server adjusts to the tenuous strain of supporting Bulbapedia's constant edits, she attempts to reach her imposed contribution minimum regardless of the repercussions of the small obstacle.

Whenever another Generation Five Pokémon is revealed with adequate images, she is prone to providing a Physiology description for it. She has provided Physiology information for many (although not all, some people reached them before her) by now.

Presently, she is working on updating the "In other languages" blocks, and has completed the "In other language" blocks on moves, and on anime articles, from Indigo League to Advanced Generation.

If you have any possible projects Steph could help with, please put them on Steph's talk page. Especially if you are Carmenstar. Steph would be delighted to defeat Carmenstar on Carmenstar's own project.