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What I Do

I love to go through the Pokemon game code and learn something new about the game. With the help of my good friend SCV, we have discovered many great things, such as: - Restricton on shiny Manaphy Eggs - Honey Location Rarities - How Swarms/Safari Pokemon are randomized and how their rarities correlate - Location of information in the Pokemon SAV game - How to change the pokemon species, nature, and gender of a Pokemon being encountered through the calculator with an Action Replay. - How Friend Codes are stored and read in the game. - The Name, Location, and Pokemon of every trainer in Diamond/Pear/Platinum

Pokemon History

I have played Pokemon since its inception. I currently own every main stream Pokemon game available, but no off-shoots. I started to hack Pokemon in 1999. I hack the game to find out how it works. I love to learn the mechanics of games, software, and hardware.