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Last update: March 25th, 2021

Hi there. My name is Kevin, but online I'm more commonly known as Quuador. I'm at time of writing 29 years old and live in The Netherlands. I've been collecting Pokémon TCG cards as a kid, and again since mid-2015.

My main collections include:

  • Pikachu in all languages: at time of writing, I own over 1500 unique Pikachu cards and own the second largest Pikachu TCG collection in the world. From the officially released cards (so minus misprints, autographed cards, sample cards, etc.) I currently am missing just 11 out of the total 1431.
  • Seviper in all languages: at time of writing, it's 100% complete minus the latest Peerless Fighters release. Seviper is my favorite Pokémon and I started this collection about 3.5 years ago, and finished it near the end of 2020 after I was able to find that pesky Japanese unlimited edition World Champions Pack Seviper.
  • English and Japanese-exclusive Full Art Supporter cards: at time of writing it's 100% complete, including PSA-10 copies of The Masked Royal, 20th Anniversary Team Rocket Special Case, Extra Battle Day promos (Acerola, Guzma, Lillie), and a PSA-9 Alola Friends.
  • The Moltres promo in all languages, all sealed variations (minus the last missing Japanese 1st edition Pokémon Web booster pack), and multiple graded copies (both English copies in PSA-10; both Japanese copies in PSA-10; the pop-1 Black Label BGS-10; a CGC-10; etc.)
  • Five out of six Ancient Mew variations in PSA-10 (will add the Korean ©2020 version hopefully soon to complete the sixtet)
  • and a bunch more, although I stopped most of them due to the prices in the current market.. I collected too much at once.