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Pokemaniac2000 is a trainer from Unova who specializes on using Legendary Pokémon. Not much is known about him.


Pokemaniac 2000's Ho-Oh
Pokemaniac2000's badges (minus the Mine Badge)

Likes and Dislikes

009.png This user's favorite color is blue.
157.png This user's favorite Ability is Blaze.
398.png This user's favorite move is Brave Bird.
494.png This user's favorite move is Psyshock.

491.png This user's favorite movie is The Rise of Darkrai.
EthanHGSSwalkdown.png This user's favorite character is Gold.
HGSS Kanto.png This user's favorite region is Kanto.

Other Data

201G.png This user contributes using Google Chrome.
644.png This user trains legendary Pokémon.
381.png This user identifies as male.
236.png This user practices Taekwondo.
BulbasaurBaseSet44.jpg This user is a player of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.
351R.png This user likes it when it rains.
Best of Adventures Red.png This user reads Pokémon Adventures.
YouTube logo.png This user has a YouTube account.
151.png This user contributes using Microsoft Windows Vista.
152.png This user contributes using Microsoft Windows XP.

Crazy Stuff

TransparentDonuts.png These donuts are great. Jelly-filled are my favorite. Nothing beats a jelly-filled donut.
399.png This user thinks that Bidoof is the strongest Pokémon of all.

More info

486.png This user is a Slow Starter.
Spr DP Collector.png This user has too many usertags.


Project GlitchDex logo.png This user is a member of Project GlitchDex.
Project Locations logo.png This user is a member of Project Locations.