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Welcome, welcome to my chamber. Oooh, scary, yes? Lucario is my favorite Pokémon. I hope to someday have my characters in the anime, and voice all of them. My usertags.


  • This user's first game ever was Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, and her first main series game was Pokémon Pearl.
  • This user used to hate Trubbish, but now loves it.
  • This user used to ship AdvancedShipping before she even saw the anime.
  • This user's first Pokémon was a Piplup♂.
  • This user has all the Pokémon games for NDS, and can't wait for BW2.
  • This user reads the manga.
  • This user has a DSi, a 3DS, a Gameboy Color, and a Gameboy Advance.
  • This user has a Action Replay.

Favorite Pokémon songs

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