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Hi there, I'm Ozzie. I've been playing Pokémon since elementary school. Since I had a copy of Red and my friend had a copy of Blue, it worked out pretty well for us. I can remember seeing another kid on our bus playing a Japanese imported version of Pokémon Yellow, and all of us being excited about it coming out in English, since none of us knew Japanese.

Pokémon was my first RPG, and it started a life-long love for both the genre, and the series. To date, I have owned Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Sapphire, and Diamond. After middle school, my interest in the games sort of waned, so I only got around to playing Sapphire in 2007. But once I played it, I knew I needed to get one of the new ones. So I went out and bought a DS and Diamond, started my adventure on May 9th, and have captured (or traded for) over 420 of the adorable little freaks thus far.

Aside from Pokémon, I like lots of RPGs. As of this writing, I'm currently making my way through Eternal Sonata. As much fun as the linear Japanese RPGs are, though, I much prefer the open-ended, "do whatever you want" D&D style of American RPGs like Oblivion and Fable.

If you ever want to trade Pokemans with me, or just talk about meaningless junk, feel free to send me a PM or something. I think it's obvious by the amount of time that I just spent typing this that I don't have a whole lot going on.

Also, Shaymin is my favorite. Look at him.492.png He's the cutest thing ever.

My status in Diamond as of this writing:

Trainer ID No. Badges Pokédex Hall of Fame
Spr DP Lucas.png
Coal Badge Forest Badge Cobble Badge Fen Badge
Relic Badge Mine Badge Icicle Badge Beacon Badge
493 seen (100%)
493 caught (100%)
National Dex completed
July 12, 2007
1:01 PM