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Height: 6'1" Weight: 200 lbs. Relaxed Trainer

Name Origin

Myrmidon originally means the elite roman shock sentries. I found it, however, playing Fire Emblem. In Fire Emblem, a Myrmidon was a swordsman with pathetically low attack and defense stats (like my own, so to speak). However, a Myrmidon specialises in speed, accuracy, evasion, and gets a natural critical hit boost once it class changes, and can easily go toe-to-toe, with a little investment, becoming one of the most powerful characters in the game.

About Me

I'm very laid-back and relaxed about almost everything...the only things that irk me are being called a liar, cheat, or thief. I enjoy Pokemon quite a lot, but I'm confident that #4 will be my retiring generation. The game's getting too silly for me, and even though I'm a fan I can see it slowly sliding to the sidelines.

I've been playing since Blue, ad I see they've FINALLY got it right. 4th gen is pokemon as it was meant to be played. More pokemon are usable (yay, Hitmonchan!), and what's not usable in a top-tier sense is playable in a second tier...2 tiers and legendaries, I can deal with more easily than, what, 4 Tiers last gen?

as an aside; I HATE legendary pokemon...1-per game makes it WAY too hard to get the pokemon exactly how you want it.

My teams can be found here


Yes; I DO use an Action Replay. I am proud of it, and I like how it makes the game a little more playable for me. I loathe TMs, on principal, and I refuse to start a game over numerous times just to get 3 copies of Toxic.

  • Action Replay is NOT for getting L2 Arceus
  • Action Replay is NOT for maxing ones IVs
  • Action Replay is NOT for rare-candying a L20 pokemon who you've already maxed EVs for
  • Action Replay is NOT for giving yourself infinite Masterballs or money
  • Action Replay IS for making it so you don't have to restart your game regularly
  • Action Replay IS for activating events you cannot go to
  • I've got an Azure Flute, a Hotel Pass, and Prof. Oak's letter through AR, as well as a Shaymin that I consider to be completely legit.

the only use of my AR that I use that I consider real "cheating" is I use it for EV training. This is because I do not have the time to pay close attention to my EVs, as I often play at work during my breaks. I would rather max my EVs with 25 Pidgeot than with 86 Starly. All pokemon are trained through normal means once EVs are spent.

Anyone who has issues with my AR use...well, I DO have a team of shiny L100 legendaries that I created just to show what I'm capable of...but I never use it. It's just for show; and to remind others that the way I use my AR isn't really so bad.

But, for those select few who absolutely will not touch someone who's used an AR...well, once the 3rd of the series comes out, I intend to pick that up, my AR never touching it.

That is all on this topic.

Looking for:

Hoppip (Jumpluff rocks in 3D)
Lotad (because Ludicolo kicks butt)
Spinda with a heart on its face
Shiny Vulpix (for my girlfriend)

I'm willing to trade mythicals, maybe even with good natures, mattering on how much time and effort you're willing to put in. (and yes; they're (95%) maybe a rebattle code...stupid Legendaries)

and no; no Shiny legendaries unless the I actually comes across it...

I'm not a cheater, after all...

(and no, I won't trade you a Skarmory with Whirlwind and Drill peck, or something similarly. If it can't be bred legitimately, why should anyone have that sort of advantage?)