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チャールズ Charles
Age 21
Gender Male
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Dark Gray
Hometown Goiânia
Region Brazil (Born)
Portugal (living)
Relatives Nobody Cares
Trainer class Unemployed Scientist

Personal Life

Heber Charles was born on October 21, 1988 on Forgotten Land, somewhere in the middle of Brazil. The shy boy grow up to be a very communicative young adult, with a tendency to enjoy activities and subjects widely disliked by other people of his age, and to an extend, the general human population of planet Earth, making most friends and acquaintances to consider him a little bit of a freak, but with a good heart, except when around children (then he becomes a whining mo).
More widely known as Mr. Charlie or, in a distant past Ho-oh, his activities on online communities are few and not extensive, due to his online shyness, a reminiscent of his long lost childhood.
After finishing his Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, he begun to continue his studies in Chemistry, but eventually dropped out after only one year, after some soul-searching revealed that he was not doing what he wanted and that he needed a break. Now, he looks for jobs, a search that is hindered by the ever-growing economic crisis of his current country.

Pokémon Related

Charles' first Pokémon game was a Silver version, but he played the Lugia-themed game only for three months, when the Crystal version was released, which he bought as soon as his physical body was able to reach a store. He played the improved version for over a year, as well as a Yellow version, which he received from his brother and both games from the Stadium series. His participations on local tournaments eventually rewarded him with a small reputation, due his immense pacience and luck when it comes to training, not to mention his top IV'd Ditto, who allowed the (then) easy breeding of many Pokémon that could achieve their full potential.
With the eventual moving to another country (and continent, for that matter) he completely skipped Generation III, only returning to Pokémon games with a Diamond Version.

Ongoing Work on Bpedia

Helping getting things like moves and abilities up to date with Black and White.
Anything else you think I should be doing? Suggest me what to do.

As for now, I have some free time, so if there's anything that needs doing, throw it my way.

And I won this:

GoldenMew.png This user was awarded the Golden Mew Award for the month of October, 2010.