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July 20

Due to userspace rules and restrictions, the following is now in effect for my userspace.

  • The Golden Missingno. Award is no longer to be awarded. Its template has already been deleted, so any recipients are urged to remove the now-useless text from their userpage.
  • The Order of the Glitch's Bulbapedia branch will be moved to a social group in the forums. Any current members of the Bulbapedia branch are urged to join the social group, which will be started around today.
  • The pages detailing the Pokémon I own in the Fizzy Bubbles RPG are going. Frankly, I never remembered to update them in the first place, so I doubt anyone will miss those, including myself.
  • The pages detailing the plot and characters of my fanfic, The Adventure of Adventureness, seems to also be in violation, so they're going as well. However, it's not a problem, as I already have all that detail within my fanfic, and in the case of Pokémon, moves, and abilities, neatly listed in a blog entry.
  • And in closing, a brief message; Obey the userspace policy, fellow Bulbapedians. Stay out of trouble.

April 12

I trust that those of you who still go to the Missingno. Master forums enjoyed my little April Fool's prank? Also, I will be editing this space less and less frequently due to stricter limits on userspace editing.

January 13

Far too late, I'd like to inform you all that the Missingno. Master forums are NOT closing after all.

July 13

The Missingno. Master forums are set to close their doors on August 1st, unless there is a large upswing in activity there. I strongly urge all members of the Order of the Glitch to register on Bulbapedia, if they haven't done so already. However, I think account creation is still disabled at the time, so I might delay the closure of the forums until necessary.

June 30

The new Anime Pokémon notability policy angers me. I have thus concocted a new, improved version of the policy! However, I was informed that my efforts to get it implemented would fail, so I had it deleted. Sorry for wasting the time of you. However, expect the Order of the Glitch to be making an effort to begin the Great Glitch Pokémon Revolution very, very soon! Order members, watch this space!

June 25

Fellow shiny hunters, I hereby present you with... Missingno. Master's Guide to Shiny Hunting! The definitive guide for shiny hunting. I hope all of you shiny hunters out there make good use of this guide.

June 14

Despite there being reliable confirmation of its existance, Bulbapedian sysops continue to deny the existance of the Celebi Glitch. It is at this point where I urge you fellow believers to join the Missingno. Master forums (link is near the top of this page), where belief in said REAL glitch is not only condoned, but encouraged!

June 6

This little project is really coming along, for those of you following along. I've managed to move all the pages for my Pokémon so they all have the proper names. All that's left is to edit the proper details onto them. This'll take a couple of days, given the sheer amount of pages to be edited, plus the userspace policy. Again, the last thing I want is to be in violation of this policy.

June 5

Alright, you all know the pages detailing my Pokémon in Blue Version? Yeah, those are gonna be going. In its place will be my Pokémon from the Fizzy Bubbles RPG, which I consider much more notable. Obviously, this will be done over a few days, because all the editing this would entail may be construed as being in violation of the userspace policy. I'm gonna start with just the six currently on my team. Oh, and yeah, the page with my Fizzy Bubbles information? That's going, I don't need that when I got individual pages. Actually, the individual pages is a good idea, I don't know why I didn't think of it before. So yeah, not counting this here and the moving of that other message to the previous messages page, I'll be doing a total of 6 page moves and 6 edits today. I sincerely hope that the admins and sysops of Bulbapedia don't see that as excessive.

May 25


April 17

I want to know. I want to know why.

The other day, I was trading Pokémon of mine from Pearl to Platinum, including my Machoke, Haunter, and Kadabra. I had equipped all three with Everstones, not wanting them to evolve. Traded Machoke, no problem. Traded Haunter, no problem. Traded Kadabra... What? Kadabra is evolving! Congratulations! Your Kadabra completely ignored the Everstone it was holding and evolved into Alakazam!

OK, so it didn't actually say that, but WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?! I already HAVE an Alakazam, I didn't need this Kadabra to evolve! THat's why I gave it the Everstone! If anyone, anyone, ANYONE has a possible plausible answer to this, PLEASE TELL ME!

April 11

I now declare the Bulbapedia branch of the Order of the Glitch OPEN! Click the link above and sign your name to join the newly found branch of this noble organization! My Glitch beliefs have again come under fire recently. THus, I believe more action is necessary. Join the Order of the Glitch! Glitch Pokémon and "official" Pokémon are equal, and deserve to be treated as such!

March 31

I feel compelled to warn you people, tomorrow is April Fool's Day. Do not believe any news you see right away. Unless you go to, as they pride themselves on not posting any fraudulent news on April Fool's Day. HOWEVER, their FORUMS are another story. Almost every year, Serebii posts a forum-based announcement that always turns out to be a hoax. One year he gave everyone custom avatars- one pixel x one pixel. Another year, he turned off avatars and sigs altogether. Another year it was avatars and custom user titles. Last year he did nothing, albeit only to throw us off the trail. But I KNOW he'll be back with a vengeance. So if Serebii posts some news announcement on the forums tonight or tomorrow and it seems a little preposterous, just wish Serebii a happy April Fool's Day.

Oh yeah, I apologize for not awarding a Golden Missingno. Award last month. I had awarded it to Laoris in January, and to myself this month. Come on, people, let's get cracking on the Glitch Pokémon articles! And that includes capitalization of Glitch Pokémon! YOU CAPITALIZE THE G!

February 2


January 25

I've done some major cleanup of the 'M and .4 articles, and strongly encourage everyone else to emulate my example. Many Glitch Pokémon articles are in dire need of work, and as much as I'd love to, I can't tackle them alone.

January 24

I have created the Golden Missingno. Award! At the end of each month, I will bestow this prestigious prize upon whoever I feel has contributed most to the Glitch Pokémon articles of Bulbapedia. And no, de-capitalizing the G in Glitch Pokémon does NOT count as contributing! In fact, doing so MINIMIZES your chances of winning the award.

I have just posted a poll on the Bulbawiki forum where people can vote on whether or not articles in Bulbapedia should capitalize the G in Glitch Pokémon. There has been slight controversy over this issue, and I am hoping that putting it to a vote will resolve it. The poll closes in exactly one month from today. Whichever option has gotten more votes at that point will become a rule. Besides the obvious, look how sloppy the term "glitch Pokémon" looks as compared to "Glitch Pokémon"!

January 23

Welcome, one and all, to my new and improved user page! I have based it somewhat on the style of the main page, to give this otherwise plain, boring, likely-to-be-ignored user page some much-needed pizzazz. Feel free to tell me what you all think of it, OK?