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Weekday Variables

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Jubilife TV lobbyDP Idol Grace Reporter Kinsey Cameraman Tevin Clown Lee Interviewers Roxy & Oli Poké Kid Ariel Guitarist Arturo
Julia's ribbon Smile Ribbon Alert Ribbon Shock Ribbon Downcast Ribbon Careless Ribbon Relax Ribbon Snooze Ribbon
Wandering trainers:Pt
Idol Grace Snowpoint City Pastoria City Oreburgh City Unknown Oreburgh City Pastoria City Snowpoint City
Kinsey and Tevin Fight Area Jubilife City Hearthome City Jubilife City Jubilife City Hearthome City Fight Area
Clown Lee Hearthome City Celestic Town Pastoria City Celestic Town Pastoria City Celestic Town Hearthome City
Interviewers Roxy & Oli Eterna City Eterna City Eterna City Veilstone City Veilstone City Veilstone City Eterna City
Poké Kid Ariel Floaroma Town Floaroma Town Solaceon Town Resort Area Floaroma Town Solaceon Town Resort Area
Guitarist Arturo Pastoria City Canalave City Canalave City Pastoria City Sunyshore City Sunyshore City Pastoria City