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Wheee, my very own sandbox! I'm unsure if I'll use it much, but I didn't feel like putting experiments on my actual userpage. So far, I only have this:

Team Rocket navigation templates

Some ideas for new templates that would replace Template:Team Rocket.

In the anime

Major Characters: JessieJamesMeowth
Recurring Characters: GiovanniButchCassidy
Pokémon: Jessie's: WobbuffetSeviperYanmegaArbokLickitungDustox
James's: Mime Jr.CarnivineWeezingGrowlieVictreebelCacneaChimecho
Other: Giovanni's PersianDelibirdMewtwoother temporary Pokémon
Minor characters: GruntsDr. FujiMondoMadame BossMiyamotoDominoIron-Masked Marauder
TysonWendyRocket ScoutAttilaHunProfessor SebastianDr. NambaViper
Related: Team Rocket's mechasEpisodes focusing on Team Rocket


  • In the Minor Characters section, the characters are listed in order of appearance, but I might've made a little slip up.
  • In the Pokémon sections, they are listed in the order: All Pokémon currently with the character (internally ordered chronologically by appearance) and then those Pokémon not currently with the character (also internally ordered chronologically by appearance). Only Pokémon notable enough (those with their own pages) are listed; we don't need innumerable links to [Insert Species Here] (Pokémon), and if someone needs to see all of the Pokémon used once by James, for example, there is his article plus the temporary Pokémon article.
  • There might be other animé- and Team Rocket-related articles/categories, but I couldn't think of any.

Of course, this template would also replace Template:Team Rocket's Pokémon and Template:Giovanni's Pokémon (the only real usefulness of the latter was linking Giovanni and his Persian, as all the other Pokémon didn't have individual pages).

In the games

Boss: Giovanni
Executives: ArcherArianaProtonPetrel
Lower members: Grunts (Rocket BrothersJessieJames)
Scientists (Gideon) • Juggler Dalton
Locations: Rocket HideoutTeam Rocket HQ