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English cards

Card Type Expansion Card no. Availability
Chespin Grass XY Promo XY01 Chespin Box
Fennekin Fire XY Promo XY02 Fennekin Box
Froakie Water XY Promo XY03 Froakie Box
Chespin Grass Kalos Starter Set 3/39 Chespin Deck Deluxe
Quilladin Grass Kalos Starter Set 4/39 Chespin Deck Deluxe
Chesnaught Grass Kalos Starter Set 5/39 Chespin Deck
Chespin Deck Deluxe
Kalos Starter Collection
Fennekin Fire Kalos Starter Set 8/39 Fennekin Deck Deluxe
Braixen Fire Kalos Starter Set 9/39 Fennekin Deck Deluxe
Delphox Fire Kalos Starter Set 10/39 Fennekin Deck
Fennekin Deck Deluxe
Kalos Starter Collection
Froakie Water Kalos Starter Set 12/39 Froakie Deck Deluxe
Frogadier Water Kalos Starter Set 13/39 Froakie Deck Deluxe
Greninja Water Kalos Starter Set 14/39 Froakie Deck
Froakie Deck Deluxe
Kalos Starter Collection
Sylveon Fairy XY Promo XY04 Sylveon Collection
Chesnaught Grass XY 14/146 XY booster packs
Vivillon Grass XY 17/146 XY booster packs
Vivillon Grass XY 17/146 XY booster packs
Gogoat Grass XY 19/146 XY booster packs
Delphox Fire XY 26/146 XY booster packs
Talonflame Fire XY 28/146 XY booster packs
Lapras Water XY 35/146 XY booster packs
Greninja Water XY 41/146 XY booster packs
Raichu Lightning XY 43/146 XY booster packs
Trevenant Psychic XY 55/146 XY booster packs
Gourgeist Psychic XY 57/146 XY booster packs
Rhyperior Fighting XY 62/146 XY booster packs
Zoroark Darkness XY 73/146 XY booster packs
Aegislash Metal XY 86/146 XY booster packs
XY Prerelease
Aromatisse Fairy XY 93/146 XY booster packs
Slurpuff Fairy XY 95/146 XY booster packs
Furfrou Colorless XY 114/146 XY booster packs

Japanese cards

Card Type Expansion Card no. Availability
Chespin Grass XY Beginning Set 003/039 XY Beginning Set for Girls
Chesnaught Grass XY Beginning Set 005/039 XY Beginning Set
Fennekin Fire XY Beginning Set 008/039 XY Beginning Set for Girls
Delphox Fire XY Beginning Set 010/039 XY Beginning Set
Froakie Water XY Beginning Set 012/039 XY Beginning Set for Girls
Greninja Water XY Beginning Set 014/039 XY Beginning Set
Vivillon Grass Collection X 008/060 Collection X booster packs
Vivillon Grass Collection X 008/060 Collection X booster packs
Gogoat Grass Collection X 010/060 Collection X booster packs
Delphox Fire Collection X 015/060 Collection X booster packs
Greninja Water Collection X 021/060 Collection X booster packs
Raichu Lightning Collection X 023/060 Collection X booster packs
Trevenant Psychic Collection X 029/060 Collection X booster packs
Zoroark Darkness Collection X 038/060 Collection X booster packs
Slurpuff Fairy Collection X 043/060 Collection X booster packs
Chesnaught Grass Collection Y 009/060 Collection Y booster packs
Talonflame Fire Collection Y 013/060 Collection Y booster packs
Lapras Water Collection Y 018/060 Collection Y booster packs
Gourgeist Psychic Collection Y 028/060 Collection Y booster packs
Rhyperior Fighting Collection Y 033/060 Collection Y booster packs
Aegislash Metal Collection Y 041/060 Collection Y booster packs
Aromatisse Fairy Collection Y 045/060 Collection Y booster packs
Furfrou Colorless Collection Y 053/060 Collection Y booster packs
Noivern Dragon XY-P Promo 009/XY-P Collection XCollection Y booster box purchase
Talonflame Fire XY-P Promo 018/XY-P February 2014 CoroCoro Ichiban!
Xerneas Fairy Xerneas Half Deck 007/014 Xerneas Half Deck
Clefairy Fairy XY-P Promo 014/XY-P Xerneas Half Deck inclusion
Yveltal Darkness Yveltal Half Deck 007/014 Yveltal Half Deck
Pancham Fighting XY-P Promo 015/XY-P Yveltal Half Deck inclusion