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Hello World.

I am Malake256 here at pedia. Yes, like many of you, I was once a n00by contributor. In fact, I imagine i was a nuisance to patrol out there. You can find that out by looking at my contributions and talk page... But things change :] I'm sure even TTE once new nothing of wiki or pokemon (when he was 3...) Now I am somehow awesome at wiki interface :D. You can find me on Metroidwiki. Not to brag, but *cough* top contributor/best admin evarr there! (will make userbox for metroidwiki later).

I guess I can be a Bulba-Metroid bridge, if there is ever a need for it. Well, more importantly, I guess, I can serve as a Zelda-Bulba bridge since Metroidwiki and Zeldawiki are pretty closely woven. I have used some of Bulbapedia's stuff as stepping stones for Metroid Wiki, including that quite awesome Roundy (thx TTE! haha). I may not edit much here due to Metroid Wiki, but I still visit often, and use it for stats and news.

If for any reason you'd like to talk to me, go ahead and drop it here or put it in my Metroidwiki talk page (quicker response).

I luvs pokemon btw :] And I'll show it in userboxes...when i have time...