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The second half of season six consisting of the 26 Advanced episodes (some of the last episodes were skipped, like in seasons 2 to 5) began airing in Finland on September 5, 2004. Starting with the seventh season, every episode of the English dub has been aired and dubbed sooner or later in Finnish. In season nine, MTV3 only aired the first 18 episodes, the remaining episodes were only aired on Sub Juniori.

Hoenn League arc

Code Screenshot Finnish title English title FI broadcast Notes
AG001 AG001.png Matkalle näytöstyyliin
To the way with performance style
Get the Show on the Road! September 5, 2004
AG002 AG002.png Raunio näköalalla
A ruin on a view
A Ruin with a View September 12, 2004
AG003 AG003.png Oma Hoenn kullan kallis
Hoenn sweet Hoenn
There's no Place Like Hoenn September 19, 2004
AG004 AG004.png Kiivas ystäväni
The quick-tempered friend of mine
You Can Never Taillow October 3, 2004
AG005 AG005.png Polvihousujuttu
The case of knickers
In the Knicker of Time! October 17, 2004
AG006 AG006.png Salametsästäjän jäljillä
Trailing a poacher
A Poached Ego! December 30, 2004
AG007 AG007.png Puiseva juttu
A woody case
Tree's a Crowd January 6, 2005
AG008 AG008.png Luottamuksen äärellä
Near to confidence
A Tail with a Twist January 13, 2005
AG009 AG009.png Kummituskartano
The haunted mansion
Taming of the Shroomish January 20, 2005
AG010 AG010.png Maailman vahvin Pokémon
The strongest Pokémon in the world
You Said a Mouthful! January 27, 2005
AG011 AG011.png Ikimuistoinen purema
A memorable bite
A Bite to Remember February 3, 2005
AG012 AG012.png Alakuloinen Lotad
The blue Lotad
The Lotad Lowdown February 10, 2005
AG013 AG013.png Sirot liikkeet
The graceful movements
All Things Bright and Beautifly! February 17, 2005
AG014 AG014.png Wurmple mielessäin
A Wurmple in my mind
All in a Day's Wurmple February 24, 2005
AG015 AG015.png Koulun valtias
The ruler of the school
Gonna Rule The School! March 3, 2005
AG016 AG016.png Voitto kärsän mitalla
The win by a trunk
The Winner by a Nosepass March 17, 2005
AG017 AG017.png Murtovarkaita Devon-yhtiössä
Burglars in the Devon Corporation
Stairway to Devon March 24, 2005
AG018 AG018.png Wingullin siivellä
On the wing of a Wingull
On a Wingull and a Prayer! March 31, 2005
AG019 AG019.png Sharpedo-hyökkäys
Sharpedo attack
Sharpedo Attack! April 7, 2005
AG020 AG020.png Aallon ratsastaja
The rider of the wave
Brave the Wave April 14, 2005
AG021 AG021.png Mikä Wurmple on mikä?
Which wurmple is which?
Which Wurmple's Which? April 21, 2005
AG022 AG022.png Luolan vangit
The prisoners of the cave
A Hole Lotta Trouble April 28, 2005
AG023 AG023.png Corphish-syötit
The Corphish baits
Gone Corphishin' May 5, 2005
AG024 AG024.png Corphish kuivalla maalla
Corphish on dry land
Corphish Out of Water May 12, 2005
AG025 AG025.png Mudkip-seikkailu
The Mudkip adventure
A Mudkip Mission May 19, 2005
AG026 AG026.png Nuzleaf pulassa
A Nuzleaf in trouble
Turning Over a Nuzleaf May 26, 2005
AG041 AG041.png Siemeniä kerrakseen
Plenty of seeds
What You Seed is What You Get March 25, 2006
AG042 AG042.png Rakkautta ensi lennolla
Love at the first flight
Love at First Flight April 1, 2006
AG043 AG043.png Bagonin unelma
Bagon's dream
Let Bagons Be Bagons April 8, 2006
AG044 AG044.png Prinsessa ja Togepi
Princess and Togepi
The Princess and the Togepi April 15, 2006
AG045 AG045.png Togepikangastus!
The Togepi mirage!
A Togepi Mirage! April 22, 2006
AG046 AG046.png Tulinen Camerupt!
The fiery Camerupt!
Candid Camerupt! April 29, 2006
AG047 AG047.png Paljon melua Skittystä
Much ado about Skitty
I Feel Skitty! May 6, 2006
AG048 AG048.png Pokémonpujottelun mestari
The master of Pokémon zigzagging
ZigZag Zangoose! May 13, 2006
AG049 AG049.png Max vastaan Maxx
Max versus Maxx
Maxxed Out! May 20, 2006
AG050 AG050.png Ammattilaisia ja huijareita
Professionals and cheats
Pros and Con Artists May 27, 2006
AG051 AG051.png Mayn näytönpaikka
May's place to show her skills
Come What May! June 3, 2006
AG052 AG052.png Pokémon-kannustuksen voima
The power of Pokémon cheering
Cheer Pressure June 10, 2006
AG053 AG053.png Lyömätön avustus
The unbeatable Assist
Game Winning Assist June 17, 2006
AG054 AG054.png Taistelu meteoriitista
Fight for the meteorite
Fight for the Meteorite! June 24, 2006
AG055 AG055.png Runoja ja roistoja
Poems and crooks
Poetry Commotion! July 1, 2006
AG056 AG056.png Taistelua ja haukottelua
Battling and yawning
Going, Going, Yawn July 8, 2006
AG057 AG057.png Spindan sekoittamat
The ones confused by a Spinda
Going for a Spinda July 15, 2006
AG058 AG058.png Tulinen Torkoal
The fiery Torkoal
All Torkoal, No Play July 22, 2006
AG059 AG059.png Manectricin lataus
Manectric's charge
Manectric Charge July 29, 2006
AG060 AG060.png Veikö Delcatty kielesi?
Delcatty got your tongue?
Delcatty Got Your Tongue August 5, 2006
AG061 AG061.png Katastrofi valeasussa
A catastrophe in disguise
Disaster of Disguise August 12, 2006
AG062 AG062.png Taistelija naamarin takana
The battler behind the mask
Disguise Da Limit August 19, 2006
AG063 AG063.png Lombre kuivalla maalla
A Lombre on dry land
Take the Lombre Home August 26, 2006
AG064 AG064.png Eksynyt Swablu
The lost Swablu
True Blue Swablu September 2, 2006
AG065 AG065.png Gulpinien iso nälkä
Gulpin's big hunger
Gulpin it Down September 9, 2006
AG066 AG066.png Exploudin viemää
Gone with Exploud
Exploud and Clear! September 16, 2006
AG067 AG067.png Vain yhden Ludicolon tähden
Just because of one Ludicolo
Go Go Ludicolo! September 23, 2006
AG068 AG068.png Kaksoisolennot
The doppelgängers
A Double Dilemma September 30, 2006
AG069 AG069.png Rakkautta Petalburgin tyyliin
Love, Petalburg style
Love, Petalburg Style! October 7, 2006
AG070 AG070.png Voiman tasapaino
The balance of power
Balance of Power October 14, 2006
AG071 AG071.png Vaihtuneet Poké-pallot
The swapped Poké Balls
A Six Pack Attack! October 21, 2006
AG072 AG072.png Sukupuolten taistelu
The battle of genders
The Bicker the Better! October 28, 2006
AG073 AG073.png Ruohohysteria!
Grass hysteria!
Grass Hysteria! November 1, 2006
AG074 AG074.png Poké-pallot hukassa
Poké Balls missing
Hokey Poké Balls! November 4, 2006
AG075 AG075.png Whiscash ja Ash
Whiscash and Ash
Whiscash and Ash November 8, 2006
AG076 AG076.png Aikamoinen aikamatka
A reasonable time journey
Me, Myself and Time November 11, 2006
AG077 AG077.png Fanihuumaa
Fan ecstasy
A Fan with a Plan November 15, 2006
AG078 AG078.png Unohtumaton tappio
The unforgettable defeat
Cruisin' for a Losin' November 18, 2006
AG079 AG079.png Spoinkin parhaat ystävät
Spoink's best friends
Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend November 22, 2006
AG080 AG080.png Swellow'n rengas
Swellow's ring
That's just Swellow November 25, 2006
AG081 AG081.png Shuppet talonmiehenä
Shuppet as a caretaker
Take This House and Shuppet November 29, 2006
AG082 AG082.png Kiivastuneet Shroomishit
The angered Shroomish
The Shroomish Skirmish December 2, 2006
AG083 AG083.png Sääsota
The weather war
Unfair Weather Friends December 6, 2006
AG084 AG084.png Ilmojen valtiaat
Rulers of the skies
Who's Flying Now? December 9, 2006
AG085 AG085.png Taistelu taivaalla
A battle in the sky
Sky High Gym Battle! December 13, 2006
AG086 AG086.png Elokuvien ystävät
Friends of movies
Lights, Camerupt, Action! December 16, 2006
AG087 AG087.png Salaperäinen Lunatone
The mysterious Lunatone
Crazy as a Lunetone December 16, 2006
AG088 AG088.png Paniikki puistossa
Panic in the park
The Garden of Eatin' December 18, 2006
AG089 AG089.png Pikachu harhapolulla
Pikachu on aberrations
A Scare to Remember! December 19, 2006
AG090 AG090.png Puuta, heinää ja muutama pokéherkku
Lock, stock and some Pokéblocks
Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry December 20, 2006
AG091 AG091.png Lilycoven oppitunnit
Lessons of Lilycove
Lessons in Lilycove December 21, 2006
AG092 AG092.png Tuomionpäivä
The day of judgement
Judgment Day! December 22, 2006
AG093 AG093.png Viisas Clamperl
The wise Clamperl
Clamperl of Wisdom June 9, 2007
AG094 AG094.png Relicanthin aarre
Treasure of Relicanth
The Relicanth Really Can June 16, 2007
AG095 AG095.png Uskomaton muodonmuutos
The unbelievable transformation
The Evolutionary War June 23, 2007
AG096 AG096.png Kunnon kaverit
Friends of fitness / Good old pals
Training Wrecks June 30, 2007
AG097 AG097.png Mahtava Groudon
The mighty Groudon
Gaining Groudon July 7, 2007
AG098 AG098.png Valtataistelu
Power struggle
The Scuffle of Legends July 14, 2007
AG099 AG099.png Katse tähtiin
Look to the stars
It's Still Rocket Roll to Me! July 21, 2007
AG100 AG100.png Kova kuin Solrock
Solid as a Solrock
Solid as a Solrock July 28, 2007
* AG101-unaired.png No Finnish title No English title Unaired
AG101 AG101.png Turhaa touhua
Useless doing
Vanity Affair August 4, 2007
AG102 AG102.png Missä on Armaldo?
Where is Armaldo?
Where's Armaldo? August 11, 2007
AG103 AG103.png Kurja Cacturne
The lousy Cacturne
A Cacturne for the Worse August 18, 2007
AG104 AG104.png Valtava Claydol
The giant Claydol
Claydol Big and Tall August 25, 2007
AG105 AG105.png Suloinen Mawile
The sweet Mawile
Once in a Mawile September 1, 2007
AG106 AG106.png Trapinchien salaisuus
The secret of the Trapinch
Beg, Burrow and Steal September 8, 2007
AG107 AG107.png Katastrofi nimeltä Absol
A catastrophe called Absol
Absol-ute Disaster September 15, 2007
AG108 AG108.png Lumen ja jään Snorunt
The Snorunt of snow and ice
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt! September 22, 2007
AG109 AG109.png Ralts vaarassa
A Ralts in danger
Do I Hear a Ralts? September 29, 2007
AG110 AG110.png Kahdeksas koitos
The eighth challenge
The Great Eight Fate! October 6, 2007
AG111 AG111.png Kahdeksan ei riitä
Eight isn't enough
Eight Ain't Enough October 13, 2007
AG112 AG112.png Linoone näyttää kyntensä
Linoone shows its claws
Showdown At Linoone October 20, 2007
AG113 AG113.png Verraton Wynaut
A splendid Wynaut
Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut? October 27, 2007
AG114 AG114.png Suuria odotuksia
Great expectations
Date Expectations November 3, 2007
AG115 AG115.png Kateus on pahasta
Envy is for bad
Mean With Envy November 10, 2007
AG116 AG116.png Pacifidlogin kilpailu
The contest of pacifidlog
Pacifidlog Jam November 17, 2007
AG117 AG117.png Marjaisa kokemus
A berryful experience
Berry, Berry Interesting November 24, 2007
AG118 AG118.png Mahtava Morrison
Mighty Morrison
Less is Morrison December 1, 2007
AG119 AG119.png Nauhat rusetilla
Ribbons bowtied
The Ribbon Cup Caper December 8, 2007
AG120 AG120.png No Finnish title No English title Unaired
AG121 AG121.png Täältä tulee hopeatuuli
Here comes the Silwer Wind
Hi Ho Silver Wind! December 15, 2007
AG122 AG122.png Petos ja avustus
Deceit and Assist
Deceit and Assist December 22, 2007
AG123 AG123.png Rapsodia Drew-mollissa
Rhapsody in Drew minor key
Rhapsody in Drew December 29, 2007
AG124 AG124.png Saariseikkailu
The island adventure
Island Time January 5, 2008
AG125 AG125.png Meowth't käy kuumana
The Meowth go hot
Like a Meowth to a Flame January 12, 2008
AG126 AG126.png Beldum pelastaa
Beldum to the rescue
Saved by the Beldum January 19, 2008
AG127 AG127.png Rääsyistä rikkauksiin
From rags to riches
From Brags to Riches January 26, 2008
AG128 AG128.png Järkytyksiä ja sitoumuksia
Shocks and bonds
Shocks and Bonds February 2, 2008
AG129 AG129.png Riitaisa ratkaisu
A fractious solution
A Judgment Brawl February 9, 2008
AG130 AG130.png Ratkaiseva päätös
The fateful decision
Choose It or Lose It! February 16, 2008
AG131 AG131.png Lorun loppu
The end of the story
At the End of the Fray February 23, 2008

Kanto Battle Frontier arc

Code Screenshot Finnish title English title FI broadcast Notes
AG132 AG132.png Suunnitelmia
The Scheme Team March 1, 2008
AG133 AG133.png Oikea aika ja oikea tapa
The right time and the right way
The Right Place and the Right Mime March 8, 2008
AG134 AG134.png Oikea Cleffa-elämys
A real Cleffa experience
A Real Cleffa-Hanger March 15, 2008
AG135 AG135.png Articuno numero yksi
Articuno number one
Numero Uno Articuno March 22, 2008
AG136 AG136.png Symbolijahdissa
On the symbol chase
The Symbol Life March 29, 2008
AG137 AG137.png Oiva Onix
A decent Onix
Hooked on Onix April 5, 2008
AG138 AG138.png Kova luu Jigglypuff
Hard bone Jigglypuff
Rough, Tough Jigglypuff April 12, 2008
AG139 AG139.png Ylittämätön Arcanine
Unsurpassable Arcanine
On Cloud Arcanine April 19, 2008
AG140 AG140.png Yrmeä Psyduck
Sulky Psyduck
Sitting Psyduck April 26, 2008
AG141 AG141.png Hurraa kokille
Hooray to the chef
Hail to the Chef! May 3, 2008
AG142 AG142.png Caterpien ongelma
Caterpie's problem
Caterpie's Big Dilemma May 10, 2008
AG143 AG143.png Saffronin kilpailu
The Saffron contest
The Saffron Con May 17, 2008
AG144 AG144.png Paljon melua Squirtlesta
Lots of ado about Squirtle
A Hurdle for Squirtle May 24, 2008
AG145 AG145.png Pasta la Vista Pasta La Vista! May 31, 2008
AG146 AG146.png Kiista kummituskylästä
An argument for a ghost village
Fear Factor Phony June 14, 2008
AG147 AG147.png Kiltti pikku-James
The kind little-James
Sweet Baby James June 21, 2008
AG148 AG148.png Brockin jalanjäljissä
On Brock's footsteps
A Chip Off the Old Brock June 28, 2008
AG149 AG149.png Onnenpyörä
Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Frontier July 5, 2008
AG150 AG150.png May ja Pokémon-muna
May and the Pokémon egg
May's Egg-Cellent Adventure July 12, 2008
AG151 AG151.png Viikonloppusoturi
The weekend warrior
Weekend Warrior July 19, 2008
AG152 AG152.png Vanhalla järvellä
On an old lake
On Olden Pond July 26, 2008
AG153 AG153.png Taktiikkapeliä
Tactic game
Tactics Theatrics!! July 27, 2008
AG154 AG154.png Varauksellinen asenne
A charged attitude
Reversing the Charges August 2, 2008
AG155 AG155.png Vihreä vartija
The green guardian
The Green Guardian August 3, 2008
AG156 AG156.png Kehdosta rautaan
From cradle to iron
From Cradle to Save August 9, 2008
AG157 AG157.png Aikamatka kaiken parantaa
A time travel heals everything
Time Warp Heals All Wounds August 10, 2008
AG158 AG158.png Ottelukeihään kuningatar
The queen of the Battle Pike
Queen of the Serpentine! August 16, 2008
AG159 AG159.png Syrjäpoluilla
Off the unbeaten path
Off the Unbeaten Path August 17, 2008
AG160 AG160.png Harley ratsastaa jälleen
Harley rides again
Harley Rides Again August 23, 2008
AG161 AG161.png Kolmas pyörä
Third wheel
Odd Pokémon Out! August 24, 2008
AG162 AG162.png Yllättävä Combusken
The surprising Combusken
Spontaneous Combusken! August 30, 2008
AG163 AG163.png Vapaa kuin taivaan lintu
Free as a bird
Cutting the Ties that Bind! August 31, 2008
AG164 AG164.png Yhtä luonnon kanssa
One with the nature
Ka Boom with a View! November 17, 2008
AG165 AG165.png Päivä kuninkaallisena
A day as a royal
King and Queen for a Day! November 18, 2008
AG166 AG166.png Punainen vaara
The red danger
Curbing the Crimson Tide! November 19, 2008
AG167 AG167.png Rakkauden tähden
Because of love
What I Did for Love! November 20, 2008
AG168 AG168.png Kolme Jynxiä ja vauva
Three Jynx and a baby
Three Jynx and a Baby! November 21, 2008
AG169 AG169.png Puhumalla paras
The more said the better
Talking a Good Game! November 24, 2008
AG170 AG170.png Toinen kerta toden sanoo
Second time's the charm
Second Time's the Charm! November 25, 2008
AG171 AG171.png Pokémon Ranger - Deoxysin kriisi, osa 1
Pokémon Ranger - The crisis of Deoxys, part 1
Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis! (Part One) November 26, 2008
AG172 AG172.png Pokémon Ranger - Deoxysin kriisi, osa 2
Pokémon Ranger - The crisis of Deoxys, part 2
Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis! (Part Two) November 27, 2008
AG173 AG173.png Ei kaikki kultaa mikä kiiltää
All that glitter is not gold
All That Glitters is Not Golden! November 28, 2008
AG174 AG174.png Uudet juonet ja outo porukka
New plots and an odd gang
New Plot, Odd Lot! December 1, 2008
AG175 AG175.png Kuristusotteessa
In choke grip
Going for Choke! December 2, 2008
AG176 AG176.png Uudet allianssit
The new alliances
The Ole' Berate and Switch! December 3, 2008
AG177 AG177.png Karseat tilat
Gruesome spaces
Grating Spaces! December 4, 2008
AG178 AG178.png Vastustaja nousee sisältä
The enemy rises from within
Battling the Enemy Within! December 5, 2008
AG179 AG179.png Slaking Kong Slaking Kong! December 8, 2008
AG180 AG180.png Mayn uudet haasteet
May's new challenges
May, We Harley Drew'd Ya! December 9, 2008
AG181 AG181.png Voimat vastakkain
Powers face-to-face
Thinning the Hoard! December 10, 2008
AG182 AG182.png Ei väellä vaan viisaudella
Mind over muscle
Channeling the Battle Zone! December 11, 2008
AG183 AG183.png Hänen Majesteettinsa Aipom
Her Majesty Aipom
Aipom and Circumstance! December 12, 2008
AG184 AG184.png Nauru parantaa haavat
Laughter heals wounds
Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight! December 15, 2008
AG185 AG185.png Kamppailu viidakossa
Struggle in the jungle
Duels of the Jungle! December 16, 2008
AG186 AG186.png Riemua täynnä
Full of joy
Overjoyed! December 17, 2008
AG187 AG187.png Näkemisen sietämätön keveys
The intolerable lightness of seeing
The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing! December 18, 2008
AG188 AG188.png Parantajat
The healers
Pinch Healing! December 19, 2008
AG189 AG189.png Neljän jengi kokoontuu
The gang of four gathers
Gathering the Gang of Four! December 22, 2008
AG190 AG190.png Viimeinen ottelu
The last battle
Pace - The Final Frontier! December 23, 2008
AG191 AG191.png Täydeltä laidalta
From full board
Once More With Reeling! December 24, 2008
AG192 AG192.png Kotiinpaluu
Home is Where the Start Is! December 25, 2008