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This is a list of all the Berries in Generation III and what color Pokéblock you will get if you blend them in the town indicated.

Berry Verdanturf/Fallarbor Slateport Lilycove Grade
Cheri Red Red Red C
Chesto Blue Blue Blue C
Pecha Pink Pink Pink C
Rawst Green Green Green C
Aspear Yellow Yellow Yellow C
Leppa Red Purple Purple B
Oran Blue Indigo Indigo C
Persim Pink Brown Purple C
Lum Green Purple Indigo C
Sitrus Yellow Indigo Brown C
Figy Red Purple Purple B
Wiki Blue Indigo Indigo B
Mago Pink Brown Brown B
Aguav Green Liteblue Liteblue B
Iapapa Yellow Olive Olive B
Razz Purple Purple Purple C
Bluk Indigo Indigo Indigo C
Nanab Brown Brown Purple C
Wepear LiteBlue Purple Indigo C
Pinap Purple Indigo Brown C
Pomeg Purple Gray Purple B
Kelpsy Indigo Gray Indigo B
Qualot Brown Gray Purple B
Hondew LiteBlue Gray Indigo B
Grepa Olive Gray Brown B
Tamato Purple Purple Purple B
Cornn Indigo Indigo Indigo B
Magost Brown Brown Brown B
Rabuta LiteBlue LiteBlue LiteBlue B
Nomel Olive Olive Olive B
Spelon Purple Purple Purple A
Pamtre Indigo Indigo Indigo A
Watmel Gold Brown Brown A
Durin LiteBlue LiteBlue LiteBlue A
Belue Olive Olive Gold A