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This Page was last updated 12/31/2010      
New Year's Eve


Hello, everyone. It has been over a year since my last post, and I know that is a shame. I plan to update this website on a much more regular basis in the future (but not too regular, or the admins will kill me). Don't expect an update every day, but don't expect me to up and leave for a year again. Just check periodically, when you can. Thank you for being so understanding!

Pokémon Review

***Today's Pokémon is... BLISSEY!***

Blissey is a gigantic egg-shaped Pokémon who is known for her egg-based moves (Egg Bomb and Softboiled to name a few). In case you didn’t know, Blissey has the highest HP stat of all Pokémon in the Pokémon universe. Translation: she can take a hit. Blissey is probably one of the best Special Attackers you’ll meet. As a Normal-type, she only has one weakness: Fighting-types. Hopefully you’ve got a Psychic or Flying-type already on your team to take care of that. Blissey has a vast move pool at her disposal, so use that to your advantage as well. If you use Blissey wisely, she can garner you many victories. Obtain Blissey by evolving Chansey through happiness. It really doesn’t take that long and it is well worth the wait.

Use Blissey as a Special Attacker to buffer your team and possibly even take care of weaknesses. Use her massive HP to best your opponent each and every time!