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Primary Partition

Pt Lucas Intro.png
Coal Badge.png Forest Badge.png Cobble Badge.png Fen Badge.png

Relic Badge.png Mine Badge.png Icicle Badge.png Beacon Badge.png


Bag Adamant Orb Sprite.png Nintendo DS Friend Code
Bag Lustrous Orb Sprite.png Nintendo DS Friend Code
Bag Griseous Orb Sprite.png Nintendo DS Friend Code


Partition 0

Heat Wave
Air Cutter
Blast Burn
Stone Edge
Rock Slide
Iron Head
Gyro Ball
Zen Headnutt
Dragon Rush
Rock Slide
Rock Wrecker
Air Slash
Hyper Beam
Air Cutter

Partition 1

style="font-size: 100%; color:#FF6060" | ♀

style="font-size: 100%; color:#0000FF" | ♂


Partition 2

Grass Knot Frenzy Plant Poison Bomb Worry Seed

Ingrain Giga Drain Toxic Leech Seed

Sunny Day Solarbeam Synthesis Petal Dance

Heat Wave Blast Burn Air Cutter

Flamethrower Blast Burn Air Slash Overheat Fire Blast Roost Defog Sunny Day Will-O-Wisp

Body Slam Giga Impact

Belly Drum Yawn Rest Facade Double-Edge Toxic Screech Double Team

Drill Peck Steel Wing

Brave Bird Sky Attack Defog Roost Aerial Ace Toxic Spikes

Stone Edge Rockslide Crunch

Earthquake Screech

Hydro Pump

Rain Dance Giga Drain Synthesis Grass Knot Solarbeam Energy Ball Leech Seed Water Pulse

Iron Head Stone Edge Rock Slide

Earthquake Iron Tail Toxic Double-Edge Metal Burst Sandstorm Magnet Rise Screech

Aqua Ring Hydro Pump

Surf Aqua Pulse Confuse Ray Tickle Rain Dance

Dragon Rush Dragon Claw Aerial Ace

Earthquake Fly Fire Fang Dragon Dance

Iron Head Zen Headbutt

Meteor Mash Gyro Ball Hammer Arm Toxic Earthquake Grass Knot Iron Defense Magnet Rise Agility

Psycho Boost Recover

Psychic Psycho Shift Agility Focus Blast Flash Cannon Thunder Ice Beam Spikes Swift Zap Cannon

Outrage Dragon Rush Dragon Claw Earthquake Sandstorm

Fire Fang Aqua Tail

Flash Cannon Thunderbolt

Charge Beam Gyro Ball Magnet Rise Thunder Wave Lock-On Zap Cannon Supersonic Thunder Rain Dance

Rock Wrecker Earthquake

Stone Edge Rock Slide Sandstorm Iron Head Poison Jab Megahorn Hammer Arm Crunch Dragon Rush Magnitude Rollout Superpower

Lava Plume Heat Wave

Fire Blast Flamethrower Will-O-Wisp Sunny Day Confuse Ray Solar Beam Hyper Beam Psychic

Partition 3

Club Title Name Deck Booster Packs
TCG1 Sam.png Mason Laboratory Technician Sam Sam's Practice Deck Colosseum
(Energy Cards Only)
TCG1 Aaron.png Mason Laboratory Technician Aaron Fire & Lightning
Water & Fighting
Grass & Psychic
(Energy Cards Only)
TCG1 Nikki.png Grass Master Nikki Flower Power Laboratory
TCG1 Kristin.png Grass Member Kristin Flower Garden Evolution
TCG1 Heather.png Grass Member Heather Kaleidoscope Colosseum
TCG1 Brittany.png Grass Member Brittany Etc. Mystery
TCG1 Rick.png Science Master Rick Wonders of Science Laboratory
TCG1 Erik.png Science Member Erik Poison Evolution
TCG1 David.png Science Member David Lovely Nidoran Mystery
TCG1 Joseph.png Science Member Joseph Flyin' Pokémon Laboratory
TCG1 Ken.png Fire Master Ken Fire Charge Mystery
TCG1 John.png Fire Member John Anger Evolution
TCG1 Adam.png Fire Member Adam Flamethrower Colosseum
TCG1 Jonathan.png Fire Member Jonathan Reshuffle Colosseum
TCG1 Amy.png Water Master Amy Rain Dancer Laboratory
TCG1 Amanda.png Water Member Amanda Lonely Friends Evolution
TCG1 Sara.png Water Member Sara Waterfront Pokémon Colosseum
TCG1 Joshua.png Water Member Joshua Sound of the Waves Mystery
TCG1 Isaac.png Lightning Master Isaac Zapping Selfdestruct Mystery
TCG1 Jennifer.png Lightning Member Jennifer Pikachu Mystery
TCG1 Brandon.png Lightning Member Brandon Power Generator Colosseum
TCG1 Nicholas.png Lightning Member Nicholas Boom Boom Selfdestruct Colosseum
TCG1 Murray.png Psychic Master Murray Strange Psyshock Laboratory
TCG1 Robert.png Psychic Member Robert Ghost Evolution
TCG1 Stephanie.png Psychic Member Stephanie Strange Power Laboratory
TCG1 Daniel.png Psychic Member Daniel Naptime Evolution
TCG1 Gene.png Rock Master Gene Rock Crusher Mystery
TCG1 Ryan.png Rock Member Ryan Excavator Evolution
TCG1 Andrew.png Rock Member Andrew Blistering Pokémon Colosseum
TCG1 Matthew.png Rock Member Matthew Hard Pokémon Mystery
TCG1 Mitch.png Fighting Master Mitch First-Strike Mystery
TCG1 Jessica.png Fighting Member Jessica Love to Battle Mystery
TCG1 Michael.png Fighting Member Michael Heated Battle Colosseum
TCG1 Chris.png Fighting Member Chris Muscles for Brains Evolution
TCG1 Courtney.png Pokémon Dome Grand Master Courtney Legendary Moltres
TCG1 Steve.png Pokémon Dome Grand Master Steve Legendary Zapdos
TCG1 Jack.png Pokémon Dome Grand Master Jack Legendary Articuno
TCG1 Rod.png Pokémon Dome Grand Master Rod Legendary Dragonite
TCG1 Imakuni.png Imakuni? Strange Lifeform Imakuni? All Boosters

Partition 4

TCG1 A01 Nidoran.png
TCG1 A02 Nidorino.png
TCG1 A03 Tangela.png
TCG1 A04 Scyther.png
TCG1 A05 Pinsir.png
TCG1 A06 Charmander.png
TCG1 A07 Charmeleon.png
TCG1 A08 Growlithe.png
TCG1 A09 Arcanine.png
TCG1 A10 Ponyta.png
TCG1 A11 Magmar.png
TCG1 A12 Seel.png
TCG1 A13 Dewgong.png
TCG1 A14 Goldeen.png
TCG1 A15 Seaking.png
TCG1 A16 Staryu.png
TCG1 A17 Magikarp.png
TCG1 A18 Gyarados.png
TCG1 A19 Pikachu.png
TCG1 A20 Raichu.png
TCG1 A21 Magnemite.png
TCG1 A22 Magneton.png
TCG1 A23 Electabuzz.png
TCG1 A24 Zapdos.png
TCG1 A25 Diglett.png
TCG1 A26 Dugtrio.png
TCG1 A27 Machop.png
TCG1 A28 Hitmonchan.png
TCG1 A29 Abra.png
TCG1 A30 Kadabra.png
TCG1 A31 Rattata.png
TCG1 A32 Raticate.png
TCG1 A33 Jigglypuff.png
TCG1 A34 Wigglytuff.png
TCG1 A35 Meowth.png
TCG1 A36 Chansey.png
TCG1 A37 Kangaskhan.png
TCG1 A38 Snorlax.png
TCG1 A39 Professor Oak.png
TCG1 A40 Bill.png
TCG1 A41 Switch.png
TCG1 A42 Poké Ball.png
TCG1 A43 Scoop Up.png
TCG1 A44 Computer Search.png
TCG1 A45 PlusPower.png
TCG1 A46 Defender.png
TCG1 A47 Item Finder.png
TCG1 A48 Potion.png
TCG1 A49 Full Heal.png
TCG1 A50 Revive.png
TCG1 E01 Grass Energy.png
TCG1 E02 Fire Energy.png
TCG1 E03 Water Energy.png
TCG1 E04 Lightning Energy.png
TCG1 E05 Fighting Energy.png
TCG1 E06 Psychic Energy.png
No. Card Name
TCG1 A01 Nidoran.png A01
Nidoran♂ 20 Common
TCG1 A01 Nidoran.png A01
Nidoran♂ 20 Common

No. Card Name
TCG1 A01 Nidoran.png A01
Nidoran♂ 20 Common

No. Card Name
A01 TCG1 A01 Nidoran.png Nidoran♂ Grass 20 Common

No. Card Name
TCG1 A01 Nidoran.png A01 Nidoran♂ Grass 20 Common
TCG1 A02 Nidorino.png A02 Nidorino Grass 25 Uncommon
TCG1 A03 Tangela.png A03 Tangela Grass 12 Common
TCG1 A04 Scyther.png A04 Scyther Grass 25 Rare HolographicH
TCG1 A05 Pinsir.png A05 Pinsir Grass 24 Rare HolographicH
TCG1 A06 Charmander.png A06 Charmander Fire 10 Common
TCG1 A07 Charmeleon.png A07 Charmeleon Fire 32 Uncommon
TCG1 A08 Growlithe.png A08 Growlithe Fire 18 Uncommon
TCG1 A09 Arcanine.png A09 Arcanine Fire 45 Uncommon
TCG1 A10 Ponyta.png A10 Ponyta Fire 10 Common
TCG1 A11 Magmar.png A11 Magmar Fire 24 Uncommon
TCG1 A12 Seel.png A12 Seel Water 12 Uncommon
TCG1 A13 Dewgong.png A13 Dewgong Water 42 Uncommon
TCG1 A14 Goldeen.png A14 Goldeen Water 12 Common
TCG1 A15 Seaking.png A15 Seaking Water 28 Uncommon
TCG1 A16 Staryu.png A16 Staryu Water 15 Common
TCG1 A17 Magikarp.png A17 Magikarp Water 8 Uncommon
TCG1 A18 Gyarados.png A18 Gyarados Water 41 Rare HolographicH
TCG1 A19 Pikachu.png A19 Pikachu Lightning 12 Common
TCG1 A20 Raichu.png A20 Raichu Lightning 40 Rare HolographicH
TCG1 A21 Magnemite.png A21 Magnemite Lightning 13 Common
TCG1 A22 Magneton.png A22 Magneton Lightning 28 Rare HolographicH
TCG1 A23 Electabuzz.png A23 Electabuzz Lightning 35 Rare
TCG1 A24 Zapdos.png A24 Zapdos Lightning 64 Rare HolographicH
TCG1 A25 Diglett.png A25 Diglett Fighting 8 Common
TCG1 A26 Dugtrio.png A26 Dugtrio Fighting 36 Rare
TCG1 A27 Machop.png A27 Machop Fighting 20 Common
TCG1 A28 Hitmonchan.png A28 Hitmonchan Fighting 33 Rare HolographicH
TCG1 A29 Abra.png A29 Abra Psychic 10 Common
TCG1 A30 Kadabra.png A30 Kadabra Psychic 38 Uncommon
TCG1 A31 Rattata.png A31 Rattata Colorless 9 Common
TCG1 A32 Raticate.png A32 Raticate Colorless 41 Uncommon
TCG1 A33 Jigglypuff.png A33 Jigglypuff Colorless 14 Common
TCG1 A34 Wigglytuff.png A34 Wigglytuff Colorless 40 Rare HolographicH
TCG1 A35 Meowth.png A35 Meowth Colorless 14 Common
TCG1 A36 Chansey.png A36 Chansey Colorless 55 Rare HolographicH
TCG1 A37 Kangaskhan.png A37 Kangaskhan Colorless 40 Rare HolographicH
TCG1 A38 Snorlax.png A38 Snorlax Colorless 20 Rare HolographicH
TCG1 A39 Professor Oak.png A39 Professor Oak T - Uncommon
TCG1 A40 Bill.png A40 Bill T - Common
TCG1 A41 Switch.png A41 Switch T - Common
TCG1 A42 Poké Ball.png A42 Poké Ball T - Common
TCG1 A43 Scoop Up.png A43 Scoop Up T - Rare
TCG1 A44 Computer Search.png A44 Computer Search T - Rare
TCG1 A45 PlusPower.png A45 PlusPower T - Uncommon
TCG1 A46 Defender.png A46 Defender T - Uncommon
TCG1 A47 Item Finder.png A47 Item Finder T - Rare
TCG1 A48 Potion.png A48 Potion T - Common
TCG1 A49 Full Heal.png A49 Full Heal T - Uncommon
TCG1 A50 Revive.png A50 Revive T - Uncommon
TCG1 E01 Grass Energy.png E01 Grass Energy E - -
TCG1 E02 Fire Energy.png E02 Fire Energy E - -
TCG1 E03 Water Energy.png E03 Water Energy E - -
TCG1 E04 Lightning Energy.png E04 Lightning Energy E - -
TCG1 E05 Fighting Energy.png E05 Fighting Energy E - -
TCG1 E06 Psychic Energy.png E06 Psychic Energy E - -