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It is so annoying that we have to spell Pokémon with an accented "e". Just let it go, people... Hey, name's Kiryu. I am khyashaverbronze123 on, the author of, and a user- Gazimon X- on digimon wikia. Feel free to ask me about anything in the aspect of Pokémon.
My favorite Pokemon will be updatated occasionally. Note- all of the pokemon species listed below that are mentioned to be on my team in Diamond, with the exception of Latios, are on my fanfiction character's team.

Spr 4p 359.pngOkay, ever since I saw this guy in Ruby, I loved him. He's a very versitile Pokémon- the only move types he can't learn are grass and dragon- and he's strong. There is a level 100 Absol named Kiryu(you now know where my username comes from) in my diamond version team.

493.pngYeah. I know most fans hate this guy. I for one think he's awesome. He's my favorite thing accossiated with God- and, as an atheist, that's saying something. I couldn't decide which sprite I wanted for this guy, but I chose this in the end.

Spr 3f 006 s.png You know, I love Charizard's shiny form. I only wish it was blue so it would fit in my fanfictions... There is a level 100 normal-colored Charizard in my Diamond version named Wyldfyre.

Spr 4d 330 s.png Again, only wish it was a different color in shiny form, in this case black. I've always loved Flygon. There is a shiny Flygon in my Diamond version named Sandraco. Need I say what level?

Spr 4d 229 m s.png Yes, yes, I know I'm using a lot of shiny sprites. I just like how this one looks. I've loved Houndoom since I saw it in Crystal version. Powerful. Mysterious. A decent type combo. There is a normal- colored Houndoom in my Diamond version named Devlound. No, not level 100 yet.

Spr 4p 448.png Yeah. Who doesn't love Lucario? Excellent type combo. The power of a fighting type and the defense of a steel type. When I first saw his movie I assumed he was a Psychic type because of the telepathy, and guessed at his attack as Aura blast. I was pretty close. My Diamond version team includes a Lucario by the name of Rukario. Yes, level 100.

Spr 4d 381.png Latios! Heh, love him. I like his Luster Purge attack. There is a level 100 Latios in my Diamond version for a switch-in on my team- no nickname- and is my fanfiction character's guardian.

Spr 2g 249.png Do NOT give me crap about using older sprites than RSE. I happen to like this sprite. I love Lugia, and just wish I could get him without an event.