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  • Does ShedSkin cure sleep? <-- yep
  • Two Follow Me's same turn? <-- both work as planned
  • Baton Pass: Is P-Song kept when BPing to a Soundproof poke? <-- Yes
  • Uproar: Cures sleep, prevents it, or both? <-- both
  • Facade: Does its power double while Sleeping? (when called from Sleep Talk) <-- No
  • Doom Desire: Can you a Future Sight and a Doom Desire be active at the same time? <-- On different pokes, yes
  • Doom Desire: Can DD/FS be used on both defending pokemon at the same time <-- No
  • Charge: How long does it last? Until next turn, or until next Electric attack? <-- Next turn
  • Yawn: Fails if target already has status ailment. Fails if Uproar is in effect.
  • Confusion: counts down only if not Truant-ed
  • Test Struggle/Wonder Guard <-- Struggle works
  • Test Yawn/Uproar <-- Fails when used,
  • Test Truant Priority <-- Done
  • Test Perish Song/Soundproof one last time <-- Done
  • SleepTalk/Truant? <-- Works as planned
  • Outrage priority <-- Done
  • Raining for how many turns? <-5
  • Does wonderguard/skill swap work? <-- No ;_;
  • Truant/Stuckmoves/Twoturn moves <-- some shocking results here...
  • Test Volt/Water absorb <-- Poke's Trait made Move useless!
  • does Uproar wake sleep even if it fails? <- No
  • Test focuspunch while asleep <--works
  • Does LightningRod attract ally attacks? <- No
  • Uproar Calledby <--- Sleep Talk can't call it...
  • Stockpile: I need the specifics on how much it increases Spit Up and Swallow's effectiveness <--done
  • Rough Skin <-- 1/16 Max HP
  • FlashFire <-- Pokes' Trait made Move inneffective!/
  • Test Levitate/WonderGuard and ItDoestAffectXXXXX <-- Lev/WG has higher priority
  • Does Air Lock negate SwiftSwim/Chlrophyll? What about Rain Dish? Weather Ball? <--Everything
  • Test Trace <-- Random
  • Put switch stuff in SyncPKMN <--done
  • WeatherStarters happen in order of speed <--right
  • Surf's damage halved in doubles? <--yes


  • Mist does not block Haze