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474Porygon-Z.png This user would prefer it if people avoided edited this template without a valid reason, such as to add a missed voice actor, or move a misplaced voice actor. The anime leader and VA founder, Kenji-girl may change this however she sees fit.

Main Cast
4Kids TPCi
Veronica TaylorIkue OhtaniRachael LillisTed Lewis
Nathan PriceEric StuartMaddie BlausteinAmy Birnbaum
Sarah NatochennyIkue OhtaniMichele KnotzBill Rogers
Jimmy ZoppiCraig BlairKayzie RogersEmily Jenness
Eileen StevensJason Griffith
Additional cast
4Kids TPCi
Marc DiraisonDarren DunstanWayne GraysonDan Green
Michael HaigneyStan HartBella HudsonTara JayneLisa Ortiz
Rodger ParsonsMike PollockAndrew RannellsKayzie Rogers
Pete ZarusticaJimmy Zoppi
Darren DunstanDan GreenBella HudsonEli James
Rhonda KrempaTed LewisJamie McGonnigalLisa Ortiz
Rodger ParsonsMike PollockJulián RebolledoBilly Regan
Alyson Leigh RosenfeldSean SchemmelMarc Thompson
Tom WaylandEmily Williams


Main Characters

To be listed as a main character, the actor must have been listed as such at some point in time. The order should be like so:

Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James, Meowth, Tracey, May, Max, Dawn, Iris, Cilan

No duplications. If a character shares an actor, such as Misty and Jessie, then the latter will be skipped and will go from Brock to James, and so forth.

Additional Cast

To avoid a cluttered, massive list of every voice actor that was ever in an episode, I'd prefer it if this were left for major characters, such as Gym leaders, and characters that have appeared in at least five episodes, such as major rivals. Also the actor should actually have a page. That's the point in having this navigation. Order should be alphabetical.