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I have several preferred party line-ups, depending on the game, generation, and my current mood. I plan on listing my current team, including alternates and my Ultimate Team. More information is coming soon...

Gen IV Teams


General team
Feraligatr My starter. Her name is Delia.
Beedrill I've never taken a bug Pokémon so far, so it's my challenge to myself. Her name is Abby.
Ampharos Another challenge for myself: I've never kept an electric-type on my team for so long. Her name is Relampaga.
Noctowl She's named Kaepora for Kaepora Gaebora in the Legend of Zelda.
Dragonair I pamper Olivia, but she needs all the battle experience she can get if I'm going to get her to Lvl 100.


General battle team
Torterra My starter. I don't use her very often, but I got her lots of speed, so she's actually pretty useful.
Gyarados I love my Gyarados. This one I kept as a Magikarp for a while to see how must speed it would retain. The answer is none. I still love him.
Garchomp My first Gible! She's my absolute favorite, and she's levels above the rest, so I try to use the others first. I made a stuffed animal Gible because of her.
Gengar My status change tank. He's got everything I need to freeze opponents up - I'm just not used to using status moves yet.
Salamence I got him in a trade so I could breed Bagon, but now I use him for Fly and battles.
Breeding caretaker
Magmar* I caught her outside Fuego Ironworks, bred her for Magby, but decided she was more useful as an egg warmer.
Travel team
Gyarados As above
Garchomp As above
Gengar As above
Golem My first Golem, since I had never been able to trade with anyone before.
Salamence As above


General battle team
Empoleon I was so excited when I got this game, I went straight for Piplup. She's awesome, but if I trade her off Diamond, I don't know why I'd go back at all.
Gyarados My standard fighter
Sprax I love Shinx, but I think its evos are not nearly as useful. This one is alright - not a great nature, and I didn't bother to try again.

Gen III Teams


General battle team
Blaziken My starter. I love the type combination, and Torchic is just the cutest!
Sableye What a great type combination.
Manectric I try so hard to use electric types, but its' hard to find ones I like. This one's okay.
Flygon Awesome! I just think it's adorable.
Travel team
Wailord What a whale of a Surf.
Altaria At first, so exotic. Then, useful.


Mt. Battle team
Espeon My first ever to 100.
Mightyena My dark complement to psychic Espeon.
Dusclops I love Duskull, so I hung onto Dusclops until I liked him too. He reminds me of my boyfriend, haha.
Dewgong Ice, ice baby!
Jumpluff Heart!

Gen II Teams


General battle team
Ho-oh Sigh. I tried the duplication hack, and it worked. Much later, everything got corrupted. It's my own fault.
Jumpluff I love them!
Alizarin* Alizarin is a type of red.
Gyarados Are you surprised?
Typhlosion My started.
Ampharos Adorable! Cute, strong, electric, and not Pikachu!


General battle team
Jumpluff Jumpluff might be my second favorite to Garchomp. I use them whenever possible.
Meganium My starter.
Noctowl I loved Hoothoot so much that I couldn't stop using Noctowl. I miss Hoothoot just a little.
Clefairy* I spent hours to hatch this charmer. Mostly waiting for the bus on the way home from work. I ended up getting it later that evening.
Amaranth* Amaranth is a type of red
Kingler* Holy crap! I'm still kinda shocked I found a shiny by chance. I was just fishing for Corsola, I think.

Gen I Teams


General battle team
Mew Yes, I hacked it. I do feel guilty, but come on. It's Mew. Everybody loves Mew!
Butterfree I know it's not a great fighter, but I really like the design and
Gyarados My first Gyarados... little did I know I'd have one in every game (well, except XD).
Mewtwo I really only like Mewtwo because I feel bad for hacking Mew.
Poliwrath I generally hate fighting-types. Poliwrath is how I sneak in STAB for fighting.


General battle team
Pikachu My starter. I'm sentimental.
Charizard I felt bad for not using this on my Red game.
Gyarados Another Gyarados. My addiction started here.
Poliwrath As above