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From the hit movie View to a Kip

Tall, strikingly attractive woman on boat: ...and that Pokémon is who?
Mudkip: Kip, Mud Kip.

... Whatever

The now-deleted article I contributed on manually trading Pokémon via hex editor was the result of a legal reverse-engineering effort of a cartridge I bought and own that was undertaken for the purpose of ensuring compatibility necessary to allow the use of a larger, backlit display by way of an emulator that lacked a functional Pokémon trade. The article did not address any ways to gain an unfair advantage in the game one could not just as easily accomplish with a cable and two Nintendo handhelds; the original spirit of the game was not broken. Given how rapidly that was erased, its a good thing I didn't do anything really tedious that isn't already on 1500 other pages anyways, like typing in a learn-set...