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About me

In case you were confused, the username is short for I am so Vietnamese (19), not I am a Soviet (19).
I am 19 years old, a first-year sophomore in college, and live in Utah. I am majoring in Chemistry with a Biological emphasis and following a Pre-Med program. I enjoy language and science classes, while I hate English and government classes.
I began playing Pokémon in 2005, when I was in second grade. My friend Sam Smith, no, not the famous one was playing Pokémon Ruby, which got me interested. (I actually got addicted to playing it so much that my grades slumped in that semester...) For my birthday that year, I got my most prized game yet. At that point, my interests skyrocketed, and I bought several other games over the years, including Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and Pokémon SoulSilver. One of my goals was to catch all the Pokémon, of course, so I needed a website to help me out..

My Bulbapedia Story

I first discovered Bulbapedia in 2007, and since then, if I need help on my game that had no connection to cheating, Bulbapedia would be my number one choice. It wasn't until 2012 that I decided to help out with the wiki. Except I had no account and I couldn't edit anything. And so, I kept Bulbapedia on my side list for a long time.
Many months later, the iPhone app VBA4iOS was released, and I could finally play Emerald on my phone! My interests were restored and I returned to trying to create an account. Finally it worked (as well as one on the Archives), and I have been helping out ever since. Well... at least when I have the time.
Well, in a surprise turn on events, I acquired a Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon Omega Ruby one March 22, 2015 and BOOM! I was back in action.

Games on hand

With younger brother

Sold Traded away

Lost Released

Bulbapedia Agenda: Generation VI

  • Add in any missing information on the Hoenn region
  • Add in missing quotes to Hoenn characters
  • Add information for televisions in Hoenn

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