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My Obscure Experiments...

January 31 2008

What do ya think?
Spr 4d 038 s.png

January 10 2008

Spr 4d 303 s.png When this user gets mad she bites everyone in front of her. UNDERSTOOD?


December 15 2007

225.png This user wishes to everybody a Merry Christmas!!! ^^

November 29 2007

User:Haruka uzumaki/Team

November 4 2007

068.png This user will fight against vandals.

November 1 2007

Spr 4d 385 s.png This user birthday is today !!

October 19 2007


October 18 2007

Spr HGSS Black Belt.png This user is a karateka.

October 15 2007

Spr 3e 132.png This user hates Copycats.

October 13 2007

♪ ×♪
This user can't sing.
BRT This user uses Brazilian Stardard Time, which is UTC-3.
BRST During the southen hemisphere summer, daylight saving time is in effect, which is UTC-2.

October 6 2007

FireRed LeafGreen Leaf.png This user is totally sure that she is pretty.♥
331.png This user has a Cactus named Mister Sukki

October 5 2007

Ash DP 1.png This user is a dreamer.
Spr RS Brendan.png This user loves boys with white hair♥.
Spr DP Candice.png This user is totally sure that she is the very best ☆.