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WELCOME TO MY GLORIOUS (OR NOT...) PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar12014_5.gif

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Me, and my habits

I own Ruby, Sapphire (loaned to my little brother), Emerald (lost it... long ago), FireRed, Diamond, Battle Revolution, and XD: Gale of Darkness. I spend most of the non school day (and night) here. I enjoy making "theme teams" on Diamond, always legal of course. I have recently crashed my save data on Diamond and started over using my Action Replay.

My Teams

I have so far made the following themed teams: Psychic, Pichu Bros., Pichu Friends, Meowth's Crew (from Pokémon Channel), Fire, Evil, Water, Grass, Ultimate Kanto, Ground, Flying, Ghost, Nido, Zero, Ash, Fighting, Poison, Psychic2, Bug, and, of course, Gary Oak!!!

Team Budew

I gave it to GoldsWigglytuff :D